The beauty about weddings is that each has a unique and romantic love story to tell, and we're all about capturing the magic of a moment and the moments in between. The emotions, the drama, the characters, the details. As your story unfolds throughout the day we want to get the best shots possible.

We're not about posing and set ups. We're all about personalities, interactions and atmosphere. We treat all of our wedding couples as friends, not clients. Our young, friendly and personable approach allows the bridal party and guests to relax and be themselves, and this is where the magic happens.

We believe your whole day should be a day to remember and we're passionate about capturing those memories that last a lifetime.

We travel all around Australia with regular weddings in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Brisbane but where ever you are we LOVE the opportunity to go on a adventure to your town whether it be for photo, video or for both.

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Rob Bampton - Office Manager/Cinematographer

Rob Bampton - Office Manager/Cinematographer


What a Journey! I am so lucky to have had so many amazing experiences that has led me to this point. I was just a typical aussie tradie, when 1 of my friends entered me in the Gold Coast's hottest trade comp in which I did pretty well, from there I was approached about doing a few photo shoots which then introduced me to some photographers some of which are still my best friends to this day, Long storey short wasn't long after that I picked up a camera.

I started by just shooting Landscapes and then worked to shooting a few friends in the park and then wasn't long before I got asked to shoot my first wedding for a friend who was on a budget. I loved the experience and really enjoyed it, I LOVE weddings, Some feel that they don't enjoy the pressure but I think it brings the best out in me.

After 5 years of Wedding Photography I decide to take on the challenge of my first Wedding Video. This was a massive moment for me I have never looked back. Being able to capture the stories and emotions right from the nervous tension at the start of the day till the dance moves come out on the dance floor  (which I have been known to make a appearance on).

Matt Coleman - Videographer

Matt Coleman - Videographer

Matt's Story

Where do I start? I have been lucky enough to grow up on the beautiful Gold Coast. I have also been a lucky enough document love stories through the use of sound and motion pictures.

My love for film began in my modeling days when I was a teenager, ever since then I have always been interested to get behind the lens. After playing with my best mates camera for a few months I bought my own. After graduating from Bond University my passion for film became stronger and this landed me jobs around Australia and overseas in Bali working along side my best mate.

My love for shooting weddings began shortly after I graduated when Rob asked me to film for a wedding he was photography. Being the youngest in the team it is my job to create a modern cinematic wedding video that makes you cry, laugh and everything in between. There is nothing more amazing then documenting a love story that a couple with treasure forever.

Dwayne Adams - Photographer 

Dwayne Adams - Photographer 


Well where to start, I’m never that good with words and have always been a visual person. From study of graphic design and the arts during those schooling years to purchasing my first camera for a holiday to New Zealand. I’d say that’s where the love for photography struck me. Initially self-taught I eventually looked into various courses, it was during these that I had the privilege of being recommended for my first wedding as a student photographer. From there I worked with good friend of mine capturing those special days of happy couples up and down the eastern coast.

 I enjoy all aspects of photography, from landscape to portraiture, from portraiture to events, from events to weddings, each brings their own challenges and it’s the challenges that I strive for. What do I enjoy, that’s simple People, capturing the emotion, the angle, the light, the moment.

 And how am I here? Well, I met Rob through a model casting call requesting a model portfolio shoot, friendship formed and now it’s completed a full circle with the model now a photographer. I’m proud to say that I am excited about being apart of the J’adore Team.

Natarlie Weller - Videographer/Video Editing

Natarlie Weller - Videographer/Video Editing


It's funny how our childhood habits translate into an occupation. As a teenager I always had the desire to create memorable films for my family/friends to watch. It was such a full filling experience every time to have a final product that had everyone’s experiences incorporated into the videos.

Previously studying Psychology and Journalism at Griffith university, I found my passion for creating journeys dwindling. Upon this discovery, I was lucky enough to know Jess. who gave me some work to do one night. Helping her finish this video, I quickly found my passion returning. To put it briefly, I was in the office a week later starting this incredible journey.

Filming weddings is more than just a job, it's shooting real moments that we are all going to experience or have previously already. As I'm putting together your story, I’m showing you one of the biggest mile stones of your life. Whether it be taking that first step down the aisle, or losing yourself to your favourite song as you look into their eyes. These significant moments are so rare and fleeting, 


Jessica Mcguiness - Photographer/Videographer

Jessica Mcguiness - Photographer/Videographer

Jess's Story

Jess is a major asset the team - she possesses that unique ability to make people feel comfortable. She has a wealth of experience in the industry and a background in Photo & Video editing and now has decided to pick up a camera. She is a self confessed love addict and will often spend the night doing "research" watching wedding videos and has been known to shed a tear or 2 in the process.


Tim's Story

Melbourne born and bred and a Melbourne lover. I've been shooting for a number of years now, primarily focusing on landscape photography. I began assisting some great wedding photographers and fell in love with shooting weddings. There's nothing quite like seeing the emotion captured at a wedding. It's raw. It's real. It's beautiful. I love the thrill of it. Being there to capture precious memories that will last the ages, is not just something I enjoy doing, it's something I LOVE!

I'm a storyteller at heart. I focus on the details while capturing the important moments, and I like to have fun doing it! My friendly nature makes having me at your wedding an enjoyable experience. I really enjoy trying new things with wedding photography and like to step out of the box to create something unique, so let's be creative!