Mirra Dinning & Events Brisbane Wedding Photo & Video - Luke & Tiernan

We had a big day ahead of the J’adore team with a full 10 hours premium package in the heart of Brisbane, and the team couldn’t be more keen to get stuck in for the day. Our clients Luke & Tiernan were staying at the Meriton serviced apartments located right near the top where we experienced lavish and panoramic city views of Brisbane.  

Turned up at Luke's apartment first, we were treated to a few laughs and everyone getting ready before we pulled Luke aside to do a mock shoot of him putting of the essential wedding attire, before some of our members slipped away to start recording both Photography and videography of Tiernan getting ready below. 

A the other crew turned up to Tiernan’s getting ready apartment we noticed her beautiful gown bought from Andreas Bridal. This Bridal gown service caters to a wide selection of modern and traditional bridesmaids and wedding dresses that perfectly accentuate any figure.  Her other accessories to match the wedding dress was the set of wildflowers from Sugaredstyle whom was also the stylist for the wedding. Whether vintage, retro, opulent, earthy, classic or modern all styles and elements created by Sugaredstyle will keep your guests talking for all the right reasons, The seamless collected detailed and attention they will put into your night will be unwavering as was shown throughout Luke and Tiernan’s wedding. Hair & Makeup was done by Kim & Paige from Rustic Blend Hair Studios, who catered for a few different styles that accentuated every individual bridesmaid, and they were all a fun bunch which was great to work with.

Before we knew it, all of us were setting off to the outdoor ceremony. Romeo Street Parklands offer a romantic subtropical parades hugging the northern side of Brisbane’s CBD what was even more fantastic was the close proximity from the Meriton serviced apartments. The parkland offers five unique and diverse options that is perfectly suitable for any ceremony of that theme. The views also offer spectacular views of the city skyline and celebrations for up to 250 guests.  The wedding celebrant Laurie Pollard from The Wedding Wanderer made an entertaining yet heartfelt service and the affair was everything professional yet homely. 

The ceremony itself was a beautiful affair, that had personal vows shared ,and a few laughs were a product of the guests sense of the lovers special vows to each other. After the ceremony everyone said their congratulations around the terrace where drinks were provided for so the couple could slowly say their thankyou's before we set off to our photo section around Roma Street Parklands . Here we we ventured to the ample photo locations around the venue to get a few of our more intimate moments on both photo and video.

For the reception we were really close from Roma Street Parklands so it was a quick adventure to Mirra Events & Dining Located in Fortitude Valley.  Originally a warehouse, this stylish and opulent venue has been transformed With a mixture of both a classic and modern twist that caters to all wedding experiences. The Venue can cater for wedding functions from any intimate private dinner to up to 180 guests, and provides a quirky outdoor feature setting. 

Throughout the reception we had the opportunity to get to know our couple a little better with the speeches, and they never disappoint. Between the classic shoe game that broke up the speeches and had the crowd laughing and playing along to the heartfelt moments shared between the family and friends, the night was going off smoothly. The food that Mirra Events served was exquisite and was greatly accompanied with Luke & Tiernan’s Lavish Cake which was made exclusively from Butter nonsense, and it lived up to exquisite look of the cake before the couple cut in. 

the rest of the night continued to go along smoothly with the photo booth being used by many guests and everyone hitting up the dance floor and glide along to a classic tune at least once. And before we knew it, the team of two were packing down at 11pm to end the night. As the reception area was located in a little alleyway, it's privacy catered to everyone easily being picked up and whisked off to their next destination.


Written By Natarlie Weller 

Canberra National Portrait Gallery Wedding Photo & Video - Craig & Aline

One of the many things we love most about having wedding photography not only as our passion but as our occupation is that we get to travel! And luckily for us we get a lot of it. This wedding adventure has brought us south of NSW to Canberra for Craig & Aline's wonderful wedding.

Starting the day off with the boys whom were staying at the QT Canberra we kept it short and sweet. Getting some candid getting ready images of the handsome groom whilst his groomsmen attempted to help this process. They were a great bunch of guys who seemed to all have very valued friendships with one another, couldn't ask for anything more in a bridal party. 

Making our way over to the Bride we arrived at a beautiful home located only 10 minutes down the road. Her gorgeous little daughter was wearing the exact same dress which I just melted over! It was 110% absolute preciousness! Bridesmaids all looking gorgeous, especially Aline topped it off in her stunning dress made by Atelie Barbara Mello

After taking some shots of all the girls in the front yard and gift giving it was just about time for us to make our way to the Portrait Gallery which conveniently enough was only just down the road as well. Arriving to a gorgeous set up styled by Show Pony event styling they did a great job. 

Getting everything repaired for the entrance of the groom, shortly followed by his gorgeous wife Aline. You could just tell everyone was in ore of her, she looked amazing!! The ceremony conducted by Judy Aulich Celebran was no less beautiful, with having half of it translated to Portuguese for all of Aline's family & friends. 

As the ceremony came to an end the bride & groom spent some time thanking guests and mingling amongst everyone whilst receiving all of their congratulations before heading out for our short photos section. Only having a short time to get this done we made sure we already had the area’s we wanted to shoot in set out and ready to go. 

Before long it was time to go back inside where the party was just getting started. The night was inclusive of great speeches, amazing dance moves and a lot of fun, laughter and happiness you couldn't ask for much more. We are very thankful too have been apart of such a special day for both Craig & Aline. 

From the team here at J’adore, we wish you both nothing but love, happiness & pure joy for your future together alongside one another.


Untill next time…. 


Isla Burkitt 

Versace Gold Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Adrian & Angela

It feels like only yesterday Rob & myself were shooting Angela & Adrian’s engagement photoshoot at their beautiful home just down the coast from where we are located. Getting to know our couples prior to the wedding we value greatly. So when it comes time for the wedding day, we are well trusted and known by our couples.

It wasn't long until it was time for the wedding! Arriving first at Adrian’s parents house you can tell the party had well and truly started. Surrounded by lots of family & friends there wasn't anyone without a smile on their face. What a fantastic way to start your wedding day! 

Moving on we made our way to the Angela & the girls, arriving just before Angela had finished her makeup snapping a few shots of the preparation stages & she looked just amazing! What a lucky man Adrian is!! Having her makeup done by House of Glamour & dress designed by Nektaria it was a match made in heaven. 

Before long it was time to head to the ceremony venue, located in southport called the Guardian Angels Church. One of the larger churches we have shot in and it was great to have so much room to move around not to mention the top floor over looking everyone that we had access too was just amazing! 

Throughout the ceremony there was nothing but smiling faces, & loving emotions filling the room as Adrian & Angela became husband & wife. With the sun beaming though the windows on the left hand side it created a beautiful glow around Angela making her look gorgeous as ever. 

After the ceremony had come to an end it was time to get everyone outside for the big group shot, getting that done & dusted nice and quick so we could all start making our way to the amazing venue of Versace for the photos section & reception. 

On arrival we made the most of the beautiful entrance, parking the RR at the front of Versace in the centre with everyone just Infront. Making the most of this opportunity we got all of the family photos done here which all looked brilliant. As well as some bridal party shots and singles for Adrian & Angela. 

& now it was time for one of our favourite parts of the day, the photos section. This is where we get to bring our creativity out, scouting for gorgeous backgrounds & searching for that perfect light. 

Taking Adrian & Angela onto the broad walk beside the water as the sun was setting we got some of my favourite images from the day, playing around with some silhouette made for some great images. 

Moving back into the Versace we had a play around the pool area, taking advantage of the beautiful walls we had behind us. Before long it was time to head into the reception to get things ready and set up for the big entrance. But first we made sure we got some great little shots of Adrian & Angela on the dance floor in an empty room before everyone started to make their way in. 

Moving on through the night there was some heartfelt speeches from the nearest & dearest, cake cutting, mother son & father daughter dancing along with some cultural dancing to finish the night off. With Sex & Chocolate playing majority of the night they sounded amazing! Alongside MC Nick, in connection they both did a great job!

From the team here at J’adore Weddings, we wish you both nothing but the very very best. We had an amazing time shooting your wedding and are so very pleased to have designed a premium wedding album you will both cherish forever. Thankyou for choosing J’adore as your wedding photo & video specialists. 

RACV Royal Pines Gold Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Mitch & Bonnie

Meeting with these two a short while before the wedding you could just tell they were easy going, down to earth, lovely people. The first initial meet went quite well, we all got along great & in the blink of an eye it was they're wedding day. 

Making our way to one of our most visited wedding venues, RACV Royal Pines we were eager to get into the action. Starting with Bonnie & the girls i think its safe to say for the first time in her life she was nervous. & apparently for Bonnie this is a big deal, so we knew we were in for a great day. With the emotions running high, we could see she just couldn't wait to marry the man of her dreams. 

& might I just add she was looking just gorgeous, having her makeup done by Abby  hair by one of her talented bridesmaids Kelly Coleman with a beautiful head piece to finish it off words couldn't explain. It was definitely her day and she looked nothing short of a princess.

Making our short way over to the boys who were just down the hall, it was no different. Mitch just couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. Just the way we like it!! Getting some quick shots of his preparation it wasn't long before we needed to start our journey down to the chapel.

Originally it was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony, but with the weather as it was this made it a little difficult. Luckily we had the great team from RACV & W Events to save the day with a gorgeous indoors set up. Featuring a big wooden arbor covered in some beautiful floral the set up was still amazing non the less. 

In no time at all, Bonnie was walking through the doors with her father by her side & all eyes on her. As she made her way down the aisle there were tears, smiles and nothing but love flowing her way. Having the celebrant being the infamous Shane Vincent the ceremony was full of laughs. Thus being our first time working with Shane we enjoyed it just as much as everyone else. 

Before long, the vows had been said, the rings had been placed on one another fingers & they were named man & wife. Nothing could bring these two down, not even a little bit of bad weather. 

Walking out of the ceremony we moved straight into family photos, followed by the photos section. Which i think its safe to say all parties loved! we had a special visit from their fury baby Sonny who was just GORGEOUS! Getting Sonny  in the photos was just perfect, a sweet little family portrait for both Bonnie & Mitch to treasure forever. 

After e finished the photos section it was time for the reception, coming straight into the first dance yet again there was nothing but smiles and love filing the room. Moving beautifully around the room to the sweet sound of Chris Hutchison it was definitely a moment to remember! 

Moving onto the speeches they were kept short & sweet, although Dad’s speech was very special as they always are. Listening to the love he shares for his daughter Bonnie was pure love, one of my favourite parts is hearing the speeches. Out comes all of the heartfelt beautiful words of wisdom, love & appreciation. 

It was now time for us to head off shortly after speeches had completed, saying our goodbyes we wishes Mitch & Bonnie the very best!! Cant wait to get them into the studio to show them their wedding gallery, album design and wedding video!! :D 

Copy of Kangaroo Point Brisbane Wedding Photography - Shaun & Kimberly

Having meet with the couple a week or two prior to the wedding it was getting all very exciting as we spoke about some of the finer details. Being quite a laid back couple the meeting was easy going, which we love because we are such easy going people. Kim & Shaun having everything well organised it was now only a matter of time before the big day arrived. 

As we made our short journey from Gold Coast to Brisbane we had nothing but blue sky’s. Arriving at Dockside apartments we grabbed all of our gear and set off to the boys room. Only spending a short time here we were in & out quite quickly. 

Before long we were up at the girls and my goodness did they look stunning! Kim looking especially gorgeous on her big day I think just about everyone in the room was in ore of her, particularly her fasha. (father) for those of you who don't follow. Having her makeup and hair done by EEGO Styling she looked flawless!! Taking a short amount of time getting the detail shots, with stunning royal blue heels this finished the perfect look off with a BANG!

Once Kim was in her dress it was time for all 5 bridesmaids to begin the process of finalising those finishing touches, putting on a stunning belt with a gorgeous display of crystals centred on the front it made the dress from Luv Bridal look even more beautiful then before. Not to mention how well Kim wore it! After putting on the shoes it was time for some fun photos with the girls, and having 5 bridesmaids this made for some gorgeous photos, you could tell how much each of the girls mean to one another. Also having Kids little sister there as apart of the bridal party made it an experience for them both they will never forget. 

As the big moment got nearer it was time for us to head down in preparation for the girls arrival. Making our way down there was guests surrounding the ceremony patiently awaiting Kim’s presence, as Shaun stood there smiling awaiting the women of his dreams we got ready for the special moment. 

As each of the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle it wasn't long before it was Kim’s turn, with tears of joy she walked down to meet the man she was about to call her wedded husband. As the ceremony took place there was nothing but smiles and deep stares of love at one another. As Celebrant Kathy Dodd concluded the ceremony  every stood & cheered as they walked back down the aisle as Mr & Mrs Hunt. 

Getting into our fun part of the day, the photos section we went for a little walk on the path along the Brisbane River, getting a few cool group shots whilst we walked, by the seats and by the water this bridal party was a breeze to shoot not to mention a whole lot of fun! Now it was the for Bride & Groom, capturing some gorgeous sunset shots we often remind our couples that this is the moments they get to take in the fact that they are now Husband & Wife. Seeing them both soak up the moment was beautiful, making for some amazing images

Heading back to the venue we made our way around the tables taking shots of family & friends whilst they enjoyed the beautiful venue of The Landing Dockside. Following the meals it was time to get into the cutting of the cake shortly crafted by none other than Sugar Sister Cake Lab . After followed the speeches, which for us is always a good part of the day. Heading funny stories of childhood memories, & all the fun in-between… but this time we had a surprise speech from Shaun’s son Jameson, which was one of the most classic spur of the moment first liners I have ever heard, tops it all! Everyone was in stitches at this point wishing we had it on film. Priceless moments like this only come by here & there, heres hoping one of the guests was filming away. Too good to miss!!

Not to much longer after this it was time for us to pack up the gear & head on home. Giving our best wishes to both Shaun & Kim we made our short journey home. Cant wait to be sharing these photos with you all, we hope you enjoy them just as much as we enjoyed taking them!

From the team here at J’adore, we wish you nothing but all the very best for your marriage & your beautiful little family. May you receive all the happiness, love & joy in the world & much much more. 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hunt



Until next time, 


Isla Burkitt