Chinese Wedding Video Gold Coast at Lakelands Golf Course

Samson & Monica contacted me at the start of the year about doing there wedding video, They loved my previous work and after a quick chat they booked me in to collaborate with there photographer Sam who they had already booked. I often have this situation where the photographer has already been booked and I come in for video. So I touched base with Sam, later we meet with the clients at the Lakelands which was the venue for the walk around, she also ended up coming to shoot another wedding with me which I mentioned in Jason & Kadeen's Blog

It was going to be a big day with a few traditional Chinese activities which I really enjoyed. Being able to do wedding photos and video for different cultures are such a amazing part of my job generally with lots of color and action. 

I arrived at the Monica's hotel in time to get ready for Samson's arrival the tradition is he has to go through a obstacle course to reach his bride followed by tea ceremony for Monica's parents, Which was then followed by a full tea ceremony at Lakelands. We had a bit of a break before the ceremony Monica also got changed into a new dress. Everything went really well with the ceremony.

Now for my favorite part of the wedding I get the bridal party to myself, It is also the time when the couple is on cloud 9 and overflowing with love which is what my job is all about capturing that moment for eternity. Even though they only paid for my 1 person package I got Jess to join me and we set up some really nice shots.

Lakelands really did look amazing for the sunset I LOVE the footage which I shot some at 4k with the new GH4, I might post up a separate video with just the 4k footage. 

For the reception Monica got changed into a dress that was going to be a bit easier to move in as there was lots of dancing and speeches, Please check out the video and let me know what you think.