Mount Tamborine Wedding Video

Yesterday I had a chance to head up to Mount Tamborine to shoot a wedding video. The location was at Tamborine Gardens, We where lucky enough to get a early checkin so came up in the morning, unfortunately as we arrived the rain started falling, I though about Holly & Gerard straight away although the ceremony was in a chapel so mainly with the bridal party photo session in mind, things cleared up just before the ceremony started which was great but surely enough it started raining soon after which made for some interesting family photos. After a little bit of a break the rain changed to more of a sprinkle and we decided to brave it and try for the photo session. The bridal party where lots of fun and made for some great video and through in a few special moments for the couple. I am looking forward to sorting through the footage for the couple this week. This morning I woke up early to get some sunrise photos of the venue we are staying at Bungunyah Manor Resort and was lucky enough to get a tour from Herman who works here who saw me taking photos and told me to jump in his truck and he would show me the best the mountain has to offer, it's pretty rare to see people so kind and friendly especially at 6am, it was great to get a chance to chat to him and learn a bit more about the place. So for the rest of the day it is a chance for us to check out the rest of the mountain all the shops and some of the other mt Tamborine wedding venues, I am really hoping to get my foot in the door and do a some wedding photography aswell as videography thanks for reading our blog as always.

Rob Bampton

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