Wedding Video & Photography Combo

I first met with James & Mandy last year, I felt like there was a great connection from the start and that there wedding really did sound AMAZING with a really cute little venue for the ceremony to a great spot for the reception which was the new shopping area at emerald lakes, I hadn't been there yet so I decided to check out the area and do a model shoot there just to get accustomed to the area. I generally try to do this as it gives me a good feel for new areas that u haven't shot in yet. I assembled the team which included Tim who u flew up from Melbourne who has a very unique intimate candid style which lots of clients love and Dwayne who is a seasoned wedding photographer bit just on the Gold Coast and Brisbane but had shot a lot in Sydney aswell he uses a lot of flash and makes some really wow images. There styles are very different which is why I love putting them together and for the video I had Matt with me as usual when ever he isn't tavelling the world I love working with him his style is very creative and brings a fresh attitude to wedding videos. Below is the final result if the video We would all love to head from you in the comments section.

As for the photography I have some images from both Dwayne and a black & white slideshow that time prepared for the clients. There where lots of tears shed on the day firstly by James mums & dad when reading a letter that Mandy had written to them and then when Mandy was reading her letter from James, We then hit the ceremony where Mandy's emotional vows not only brought her to tears but sadly enough Tim and I both later admitted to following her lead, she really is very passionate and they are such a great match for each other with James being her rock. As usual we had a lot of fun spending the day with James, Mandy and there friends and family it really is the best job in the world, The other new thing we brought in for this wedding was the photobooth I have also written a blog about this to click here if you would like to know more, Finally we are excited to see them all again soon as we are also doing the photo and video for James's brothers wedding Lewis with his partner Natasha. Thanks for reading I look forward to chatting again soon.