Wawrick Wedding Video Adventure

When I first touched base with Kylie I could just tell that her wedding video was one that I really wanted to do, Firstly I love traveling for weddings it feels like each one is a new adventure which so far has taken me all over Australia and brought some amazing adventures. 

So after Kylie & Simon had seen some of my other videos and we had a chat in the phone things where locked in fairly quickly. The quote was just for myself for the day but as I had recently been working with another great wedding photographer Adam who was interested in doing some video I asked him if he wanted to join me for the day on my adventure to Warick and he was more then happy to accept. So we both got up at 6am to start the track out to Warwick to arrive around 930 and get straight into it, getting a few nice dress and detail shots followed by some hair and make up footage along with some fun footage, we then decided to head of to the boys place which as expected where typically laid back with 2 of the groomsmen still not there yet we did some details shots and a mock getting ready of Simon then once the rest if the crew arrived did some casual shots out by the BBQ 

Back to the girls to get the final putting on of the dress and and skylines AMAZING departure in the horse and carriage I really lived that and I think have added it to my list of must have for my wedding one day. We then raced ahead to the church which breathtaking as you will be able to tell from the video, the ceremony went pretty fast as I tried to get all angles covered including a upstairs area which was a great vantage point. After that we set of with the bridal party for photos and they really where full of fun and laughter we let the photographer Natalie guide things and just had the odd bit of input here and there she was great to work with and can't wait to see her images. We then set of to the reception which was in the big town hall another amazing venue, there where some great speeches and lots of dancing and love in the air. 

I hope you LOVE the video as much as I do. We would love to hear your feedback

Rob Bampton