Meet the J'adore Team - Dwayne

Well where to start, I’m never that good with words and have always been a visual person. From study of graphic design and the arts during those schooling years to purchasing my first camera for a holiday to New Zealand. I’d say that’s where the love for photography struck me. Initially self-taught I eventually looked into various courses, it was during these that I had the privilege of being recommended for my first wedding as a student photographer. From there I worked with good friend of mine capturing those special days of happy couples up and down the eastern coast.

 I enjoy all aspects of photography, from landscape to portraiture, from portraiture to events, from events to weddings, each brings their own challenges and it’s the challenges that I strive for. What do I enjoy, that’s simple People, capturing the emotion, the angle, the light, the moment.

 And how am I here? Well, I met Rob through a model casting call requesting a model portfolio shoot, friendship formed and now it’s completed a full circle with the model now a photographer. I’m proud to say that I am excited about being apart of the J’adore Team.