Gold Coast Beach Wedding Video & Photography at Pacific Life Saving Club

I meet up with Chris and Shell a few months before the wedding and felt a great connection with them straight away, when they told me they where going to wear traditional kilts for the day that got me even more excited, We where also doing photo and video for this one with Dwayne and Timmy doing photos to compliment my video.

The day started with us heading to shells place to get do the images and video of the girls getting ready, I love the images and video from this part of the day we had a great backdrop and a fun group of girls. 

Tim and I headed of to see they boys, who where gearing up for a big day and with a mix of Scottish and Irish all wearing there traditional kilts and some characters amongst the group I knew it was going to me a entertaining morning and rest of the day for that matter. 

After spending a bit of time with the lads I heading back to see the ladies quickly before the ceremony, It was a great mix of tradition and culture packed full of emotion, love and laughter. They really are a amazing couple it is easy to feel the bond between Chris and Shell. 

We decided to head down the beach with the bridal party with a esky and we had so much fun which you can see in the long version, Its amazing how since we brought the gimbal to assist us with our videos exactly how much amazing footage there is it really is so hard to decide which footage makes the highlights. 

We had a lot of fun at Currumbin surf life saving club which is a nice venue with lots of room and overlooking the water. We even managed to quickly sneak our couple out around sunset as they had a early ceremony which gave us the chance to create some more amazing images. Lots of dancing and fun to finish the night. 

Shell and Chris where so excited when they received there images and when I recently gave them the link for there video. I have put some of our favourite images and a link to both videos included.