Hot Air Balloon Surprise Proposal Cunungra Gold Coast

I was excited from the very first moment I spoke to Brenton about doing video for his proposal. I love capturing people's emotions with my and enjoyed the prospect of being able to tell a love story like this from the start.

So when he told me the plan was to do it after a hot air balloon ride, I got even more excited. They where heading to the Gold Coast on holiday from Canada so via email we started to talk about ideas, songs as well as our back story on how to make my attendance believable to his partner and soon to be fiancé Tasha.

Hot Air was the company Brenton decided to go with and they where amazing and where happy to go along with us and we decided the best plan of attack was to say that I was doing a promotional video for Hot Air.

So the big day arrived and I set my alarm for 3.30am as it was a early start to head out to the location, We jumped on the bus and headed out to Canungra where we where told the pilots where trying to find a suitable spot for take of but would have to head out to Beaudesert  as winds where high.

Sadly enough we arrived to see the winds had not laid up and not before long where told that today wasn't going to be our day and that we had the option to either get a refund or try again at another time, so we decided to try again the following day.

Again we arrived at Canungra to hear the pilots plans, with rain in the air I expected to be told that we would have to return again the following day. Instead we where told that the pilots had a spot for take of and all was good to go.

We arrived to see the balloons up and before long we where up in the air. It was such a AMAZING experience I got some great footage of the scenery and the couple. We had to land earlier then planned as there was still some rain around but we spent 40min up in the air which I think we where all happy after a landing I quickly got things setup as we decided Brenton would propose down on the ground. The moment really was perfect!!!

We then headed off to O'Reillys for a champagne breakfast and then went for a stroll around the vineyard. Which I think was a really nice way to finish of the video.

I really hope with all my heart I was able to tell the story via the video of this amazing couple and their special morning. I got to editing straight away as they decided to make the announcement with the video so we couple up a few time over the following wee, Brenton understandably wanted to keep an eye on his project and together I think we achieved the Magic we where looking for.

We are so excited to announce after being apart of this special moment with this fantastic couple they have asked us here at Jadore Weddings to be apart of there weddings day in Costa Rica on November 2nd so stay tuned for another adventure.

I would love to do some more of this sort of work I feel like when you experience something like this with a couple it really does connect us and I have told them to book my flights for the wedding and I will be there to shot that as well and continue the story. Contact Me now if you are thinking about your proposal and lets create some MAGIC!!