Jervis Bay Wedding Video & Photography

Dwayne and I have been looking forward to Matt & Margarita's wedding for awhile, Not only do we get to travel to a great location but they are a great couple.

We decided to arrive a day early to attend the rehearsal and check out a few of the locations, was also a good chance to meet a lot of the friends and family which is nice going into a wedding day already feeling comfortable with everybody.

With the reception at Club Jervis which is the local RSL in Huskisson we decided to head there for lunch check out the venue aswell as the surrounding locations.

Wedding day has arrived we head over to start doing photo & video with Magarita & the girls, in this time we generally also capture all the dress, shoes and accessories.

We then head over to see the guys and get Matt and the boys relaxing then putting on there suits and some group shots and in this case some fun images of the lads.

We race back to the girls to get Margarita putting her dress on and then get some nice images of her before we get some group images, I also delivered a letter from Matt which we pulled her aside and got her to read I have attached a link to the video, it was a great little letter it had a few of us with a tear in the eye.

It's now show time we arrive at the beach and I set up the camera for the ceremony and mic up Matt as on the beach it's generally pretty windy and u was unable to link into the celebrates pa which is a bonus sometimes, I have also put in a little bit of video from the ceremony.

Now for the fun stuff with some rain around we decide to chick the bridal party in the limo with some drinks and head of to our first location. It was a advantage that we where able to go with the couple and check out the options available for photos it also gave us a bit of a chance to think over night about ideas. We did some group shots then split up the guys and girls then finished with some of just the couple.

2nd location was a musiem which they had as there back up location if there was rain, again doing some fun group images before pulling our couple away.

Off to club Jervis for the reception we quickly setup for the entrances and not before long we where into speeches cutting of the cake and then our couple hit the dance floor, followed quickly by ALL the guests with Margarita side being Greek they put on some of the traditional song which got the crowd up and into it and made for some great images and video. 

It was a massive day for all involved Dwayne and I where absolutely buggered by the time our couple departed for the night. We are used to the luxury of having 4 people on the crew which certainly put the pressure on us to constantly be on the move, I am confident we did well but certainly makes me appreciate having Jess and the rest of the crew around. 

Please comment and let us know what you think of the video, photos and the blog. We do this to capture the amazing moments of life so it means a lot when we get positive feedback from you guys.

Rob Bampton