Nicole & Brett's Wedding Photography

Finding a love like Nicole and Brett is hard. Marriage requires commitment and honesty, we were able to capture this through this hilarious family. On the day of the rehearsal we officially met the charming couple. I instantly took a liking to their fun and loving filled nature. After we went over the finer details, Nicole and Brett left to attend to their adorable baby boy Harrison. 


Everything was slowly setting in motion. When the time came the J'adore crew made it to  Royal on the park in Brisbane. It was here that we were able to capture the Groom, groomsmen and his family sitting around and talking about 'The good old times' with a couple of beers. Brett's family was a pleasure to shoot, they kept me laughing and we were able to obtain some spectacular shots. I could see where Brett got his humour from as towards the end comedic jokes were being thrown around by the grooms mum. It turns out playing the spoons at her sons wedding was on her agenda.

The Stamford Plaza was yet another adventurous location. Upon getting their we were pleased to note that Bride had a brides 'man of honour' in the bridal party. It's always a pleasure capturing couples that set a different trend with their wedding and excitingly the 'man of honour' is becoming all the poor popular. It was infectious the happiness that surrounded us, this engaged my further to move Nicole into some positions for the photos. Their were a few different personalities we encountered at the brides location, alongside her bridesmaids Layla and Nia were wearing floor length dresses to accentuate Nicole's timeless look. The hair and makeup stylists from 'The Powder Room' did a superb job as her bouquet from The Lynch flower market collaborated well. When it was finally time to leave Nicole's single life in the past, the Somerton Limousines pulled up to get the party started



The Cathedral of St Stephen  in  central Brisbane was where the ceremony was held. Built of limestone, the cathedral reaches 107 metres long with the longest isle. Capturing moments in such a beautiful church was a surreal experience for me. From the high roof tops to the enormous windows that reflected down to help create the perfect light.


Brisbane is full of a wide variety of close and intimate places. After the ceremony, I requited the family and bridal party to the Royal Botanic gardens to start the photo section. Ironically enough we had to battle to get the best locations as we were not the only bridal party. Still we managed to snag the stamford plaza stair case. Nicole and Brett never ceased to not have a genuine smile on their faces throughout the whole ordeal. Even while there was also a wedding going on at the time; it was full filling to know two different groups of people with different themes could co-exist happily. one of the most hilarious moments throughout this though was where the groomsmen were star troopers, fun and comedic one liners were used such as  " these are not the droids you were looking for". 


We then decided to change sceneries to Eagle street. The Pier is an iconic waterfront precinct that showcased the beautiful views of the Brisbane River and story bridge. This exquisite setting allowed me to capture the couple along the water as the sun was setting in the sky. 


The J'adore team travelled next door from the gardens to the reception at Restaurant 2. The food was amazing, the ambiance was in focus was the twinkly lights. best man made a funny pun " thanks for restaurant 2 being available after restaurant one wasn't everyone was busting out the jokes.  Some great music was filling their atmosphere by Ronnie Walker. 

Nicole and Brett's lavish wedding was proudly correlated with a three tear cake spread with white chocolate, caramel fudge and dark chocolate with peanut butter fudge. This expensive cake not only looked exquisite but tasted just as warm and comforting. It's always such an enjoyable experience being able to see new and different theme's. Following the cake cutting, the bouquet toss was commencing, luck was on the bridesmans side as his stunning girlfriend caught the flowers in mid action with a gleaming smile. It was plainly obvious he was exceptionally proud and nobody needed to tell him that he had to lock her down. Unfortunately as the night was looming to a close, there were few regrets, one being the mother of the groom not getting the chance to play the spoons, still the night went perfectly. The team managed to get some great shots with an amazing setting and people to help capture a beautiful moment.