David & Tracey's Wedding Photography with Sirromet's Chandelier Package Wedding

Tracey's daughter Angela is a friend of mine and was eager to book our services in for her mums big day. They had locked in Sirromet Winery in Brisbane as their Wedding Venue for the Ceremony and Reception and after taking a look at my website they noticed some images already from this amazing venue. Tracey and bridesmaids where getting ready at the Merlot house which is located on the Sirromet grounds, Here are a few images of Tracey and her bridal party getting ready. 

Jess stayed with the girls to document their departure and I headed down to the ceremony location and set up my lights, which I think for this location is a must as when shooting natural light the beautiful background in blown out, We are shooting with multiple cameras, With Jess and I both Having 2 cameras with different focal lengths, so we also had the option of both. Here is a quick example which may show this.

Natural Light

Off Camera Flash

There was a string quartet named Angel String Trio playing for all the guests when they arrived and eventually the bride walking down the isle which is a nice touch, I got some quick pics of them before David and his Groomsmen arrived. Before we knew it we where preparing for the brides arrival in the beautiful 1952 Bentley supplied by Private Transfers, It was a touching ceremony with a few tears around and some passionate vows. These guys really are madly in love and its always great to be a part of such pivotal moments in our clients lives. The Celebran managed to keep things pretty light and break up the emotional parts with some humour. I hope you can tell through my images that I always have telling a story in mind.  

David and Tracey didn't want to spend to much time posing for alot of photos after the ceremony preferring to have a chat to family and friends for awhile before getting some images and then having a little bit of down time before the reception started. Having said that they knew it wouldn't take me to long to work our J'adore magic and get some beautiful images for these guys. I have put a few below for your viewing pleasure. 

I LOVE the barrel room at Sirromet which is the room they use for the reception it may actually be my favourite room, For Sirromet this was actually there first night featuring there new Chandelier package, Amanda from sirromet really is great to work with and we look forward to many more future weddings at this amazing venue. We also enjoyed getting the chance to work with G&M DJ's who always do a great job, Glenn & the DJ both did a great job, One of the highlights for me where the speeches the bond between Tracey and her 2 daughters who where also her bridesmaids really was amazing with lots of tears of which some where even mine, I have added in a few more photo from our time at the reception. They also has a illustrator there who I didn't get the details from but he had a big line up waiting for his original drawings which would be great souvenirs as a reminder for David and Traceys special day. Please let us know what you think of the images.