What is the best time of the day to get Married?

A lot of clients ask me what time of day is best to get married I often out of curiosity ask them what time they think? Especially for outdoor Weddings most of which are on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Mount Tamborine. So all fairly warm sunny areas. Most people reply with lunch time.

What do you think? As for lunch time its actually the worst time of day unless its a really overcast day there will be a shadow in your eye when you think about it as if the sun is directly above you. I often think with all my experience shooting over 50 weddings per year for tha last few years what time would I pick for my ceremony?

The answer is This say there is a 6pm sunset we want our photoshoot to end as the sun sets and have at least 90 min of time put aside for that. Say 30 after the ceremony for congratulations group & family photos. Which leaves 30 min for the ceremony which takes us back to around 330 and with a good photographer that uses flash which means you can shoot a little bit past sunset which I like to do we can push that to 4pm.

It also means that you have the best chance of nice light during your ceremony and again with the chance to use some flash hopefully a few clouds and some colour in the sky.

Here are a few examples of some images in the last few hours before the sunset.