Brides Marketta Spring Event with House of Serendipity Gowns

I received a call from Lee the owner of House of Serendipity Gowns around 5pm telling me that she was at the brides spring marketta which is hosted by A little Vintage Bliss  and featured all the rest of the great Gold Coast wedding vendors from The Wedding Hub, Lee said there are 4 beautiful models in wedding gowns with make up done by Bayly Allure and Hair by Style Creations that she wanted to know if I was interested in coming down and doing some photography. I jumped at the chance grabbed my gear and hopped straight in the car.

On my way I noticed the sun setting so I quickly realised that it was going to be a bit different and that I would have to use the ambient lighting from the marketta in combination with my portable studio lights. Which was a exciting prospect as I love being pushed out of my comfort zone and getting creative.  I will show a few images and give you descriptions of the vendors involved as we go.

All of the J'adore crew pride them selves on creative lighting like this and its a big reason why we have been so busy over the last few years in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

From left to right Emily, Kate, Alana & Tanja all looking stunning in their House of Serendipity Gowns in front of "woody" the mobile bar from Luxury of Vintage Enterprises

Emily adding a bit of movement in her House of Serendipity Gown 

The first 9 Images are all in the same area, Luxury of Vintage Enterprises who are a part of the wedding hub, had their Mobile Bar "woody" and there Kombi on display which made for a really nice backdrop for some of the images. 

This English old school black cab was brought in by Fox & Hound and I couldn't help but put the girl in for a few quick images. 

We really did have a lot of fun which is definitely part of my shooting to style I try to keep things light and fun, which in turn means we get the more natural smiling images. There images are in the My Vintage Lane Caravan which is another great option for a mobile bar. 

Tanja made a gran entrance into the Marketta on the back of this Somerton Limousine

Somerton Limousines had 3 really impressive Rolls- Royce on show, I would have loved spend some more time with these Amazing automobiles but just ran out of time.

The Crew from See you next Thursday provided some really delicious canapé's which seemed to be the most popular stop for the visitors as they arrived. 

Kate, Tanja, Emily and Alana in front of the Lush Lolly Bar in their House of Serendpity Gowns

The Lush Lolly Bar was also a popular spot for everybody to try some of the yummy treats. 

I got a chance to meet Tricia from A little vintage Bliss and had a little bit of a sneak peak into there showroom at there beautiful collection of Vintage items which included this chair. 

Thanks you so much for reading my blog, Feel free to ask any questions and let us know what your favourite images are.