Highfields Cultural Centre Wedding Photography/Video Toowomba, Aaron & Nicole

The crew at J'adore had a massive day ahead with a 10-hour wedding package at Toowoomba, thus being our next exciting leg of the journey. We noticed the difference straight away, from the country music that changed when we were going up over the range, to the laid back nature that seemed to stem around the whole area, & we couldn't be more thrilled to be shooting here.

What was even better was the amazing temperature we were given throughout the whole day.  As we turned up a half an hour early at the groom’s house, we got right into the action of things by sorting out where Aaron would be getting ready as well as finding his tie & cuff links.

What we were lucky enough to discover upon talking to Aaron, is the fact that they both were childhood friends, growing up to eventually be two people who found love within each other; what was even better was the glint in his eyes as he talked so fondly of his childhood crush Nicole.

As Aaron was almost finished getting ready with his assemble of groomsmen, we knew that the next few stages was going to be a little emotional as Nicole had left a box with multiple gifts & a card.   

We couldn't help but almost cry ourselves as Aaron unwrapped his gift from Nicole, the emotional scene made excellent video & photo, as everything Aaron was feeling for Nicole was a raw feel of emotion breaking through. 

With both our ceremony & reception being at the same location to which was at the High fields Cultural Centre Toowoomba, the four of us were lucky enough to be able to store all of our extra camera gear in the reception room for later in the evening. The ceremony was an outside affair done under the treetop canopies, & as it was perfect weather for the occasion we couldn't be more excited to see what creativity we could come up with. As Nicole's bridesmaids turned up, each individual adjourned a different shade of both silver & pink. Nicole couldn't have looked more exquisite as she walked down the aisle.

Before we knew it we were venturing off to the photo section was at SpringBluff, this interesting set photo section had as getting some surprising yet awesome footage of an old freight train passing through as we ventured through the whole area, between finding an old barn shack that made for amazing sneaky fun photos/videos of the bridal party, to some more intimate 'dip' footage under the archway.