Thunderbird Park, Wedding Photography/Video, Mt Tamborine, Cameron & Kimberly

We can’t ever say it enough, we LOVE our themed weddings!!! and what could have been better than a beauty and the beast themed with this beautiful couple? We had a fun adventure ahead of us for Cameron & Kimberly’s wedding day with a group of four for both photography and videography at Thunderbird Park Mount Tamborine GoldCoast. As we had never shot their before, we were excited to see what amazing places the venue had to offer us in inspiration for both photo and video.

As we split up at the start with two individuals going both to the groom and bride, we were easily able to get all of those key shots that entail the putting on of the gown, tying of the tie and emotional key moments right before they were both decided to finally get that fairytale wedding. As Cameron & Kimberly had both met when they were in their teens, they were unfortunate enough to not be given their picturesque wedding when they first got hitched, still this didn’t deter the couple from eventually being led down the path of the alter. 

with a colour scheme of black and yellow, we couldn’t be more excited to see how all of the details would tie in perfectly, and as Kimberly-ann descended down the stairs the whole group of us understood perfectly why. her bell like white dress was the perfect composition of elegance and a fairy tale like dream. She was accompanied by her two little girls wearing lace black dresses and yellow trimmings with their blonde hair down up in a tight bun.They matched the mother with the opposite effect as Kim had her hair brunette down in soft curls around her face. 

As the couple was looking to get re-married officially with guests and the whole deal, a beautiful ceremony was conducted with heartfelt vows truly spoken from their hearts and how they felt about each other. This is one of our favourite parts of the job, as we get to be apart of a couples major moment, we’re also getting an insight into a different sort of love each and every time, and this couple surprised us at every turn. As the photo section turned up. We decided to venture down to the shrubbery were a giant log cushioned in the hinterland as it crosses a stream stood out. Our couple wasn’t shy in the slightest even with Cameron’s fear of heights, and we managed to get them situated perfectly in the middle of the log. We got a little extra creative with colour bombs taking a twist in the mix and this made amazing photo and video as opportunity arose and sun flare started to naturally happen right before our eyes.

After a few quick snaps, we decided to go adventuring off to other scenic locations that Thunderbird park had to offer. This included us nesting the couple in the middle of the bushes as perfect lighting arose, and Kim wasn’t shy at all about getting her feet dirty, her carefree nature and light mood made some amazing footage as the couple stood out from anything we threw at them. 

The reception was starting to kick off and we had finished our photo section with the bridal crew and the couple, it was time for the first dance and cake cutting. And how could we not mentioned the decorated yellow cake with black trimmings and roses detailing around. With a beauty and the beast themed wedding in mind, Kimberly created an effortlessly perfect illusion for the night. We were soo privileged to be apart of this couples wedding day, we hope to hear more from what they do with their future endeavours!