Daniel & Lynette's engagement party.

We started off at Marina Mirage. As the years go on, couples are getting more and more creative in ways to making their special days something unique with these personal touches.  Located just minutes away from the heart of the Gold coast, Daniel took the reigns and provided a fun experience at Heli tours. This services caters to scenic flights across the region’s hinterland, beaches and attractions that show the best of the Gold coast.

The adventure continued as the team made it's way to the Hope island Links Golf Course. There we were able to catch the last bit, both on photo and video of the couples decent before the festivities started.  Surrounded by Hope islands exquisite waterways, a red carpet adorned the wooden archway with white curtains at the beginning of the entrance.  All of Daniel and Lynette's loved ones had arrived previously preparing to see the couples introduction, and were waiting with excitement.

The themed planning of the reception was exquisitely done with in depth detail down to the red rose petals spread throughout the reception . As both the chairs and tables were draped with white cloths, simple yet sophisticated blood red ribbons were tied around.  As a closer look was taken around the reception colours of silver, red and white dominated the atmosphere creating an intimate and serene touch, this perfectly complemented these two joyful personalities.

Lynette started her own personal theme with silver tear shaped earrings perfectly complementing her long curled hair. To match the look, a deep red floor length gown, smokey eyes and diamante high heels collaborated perfectly with Daniels red themed tie comprised behind his black suit. The couple had so many photo ideas, from the quirky moments to the intimate still moments that no doubt you will look back on, their album will be full of variety.

Throughout the speeches, naturally their were tears and of course laughter. The foremost thing about having videographers at these precious occasions is so their is a physical memory you can look back on with the people you love. It's the endearing stories that Sharma & Pawelek families have to share on these two that shouldn't be missed. From the sly jokes that not many people know about until it's too late, to giving the mic to a friend as they share what makes the couple so important to them; engagement parties while not so popular is a perfect start to the rest of your lives.

One of the unique ideas about Daniel and Lynette's engagement party was the choreographed dance items presented.  Comparing the Bollywood style specially made for this occasion, and the traditional Polynesian dance items, your attention is instantly captured by their vibrant costumes, perfectly synced moves and dance style. 

Getting the joy of comprising a physical memory for Daniel and Lynette was quite the fun journey in itself.  Being able to shoot these two individual people as they joined together was a wonderful experience. What was more relishing was being apart of an afternoon with this couple that is completely infatuated with the other for completely understandable reasons.

An engagement party shoot is the perfect way to kick things off with a physical memory you'll have forever on top of your own wedding video/photos in the Future. Check out the images/video below and write to us on  what you think about this engagement party, With so many experiences happening this jam packed video is a brief look in as to how much fun the night was. Imagine yours! 

Written by Natarlie Weller .