Carly & Luke Wedding Photo & Video Nation Botanical Gardens Canberra

This comic book love is like no other. Being apart of their day was a great expirence , we actually had the opportunity to get to know Luke & Carly before there wedding day, as we did there engagement photo shoot, We got along really well the banter started flowing so I knew we where going to have a great day being a part of their wedding day. 

Heading to the boys place in the morning was no different, as we walked in the door the jokes where flowing and laughter a plenty especially as they rehearsed the rap that Carly had prepared for their entry to reception. Once Luke had his suit on, we headed over to shoot the final moments of the girls getting ready. 

Carly's dress looked exquisite on her, starting from the hand sewn lace bodice,she accentuated her look with a lavish perl necklace, earrings and bracelet to match her dreamy look. With her hair done up, and the purple bouquet of flowers resting against her side, Carly was ready to finally take that next step forward.

Collaborating with the purple bouquet, Carly tied her theme well with her two out of three brides maids wearing a lavender long gown, and the other wearing a darker purple. 

The ceremony was held at the National Botanical Gardens. This beautiful place is home to an array of native plants from all over Australia, and makes such a humbling place for a ceremony. I always love it when the bride and groom write their own vows, it's a sense of putting everything you have out their in the open for everyone to see. Luke & Carly didn't disappoint, from their explanations of loving each other more than Doctor who, to gathering each other more than cake.  Apart from the beautiful yet comedic notions, It's such an enriching moment when both people start to get the hint of tears in their eyes.

We went to an array of locations when shooting the photo section. While getting to know Luke & Carly plus their bridal crew, it became clear that this group of fun loving individuals, were in for a day full of adventures, laughs, and inside jokes.

After trekking through the gardens The next location was the Rydges Capital Hill Canberra. Putting you in the heart of Australia’s thriving capital for the reception. We love hearing all the speeches from friends and family, Carly also did half of her speech in Japanese as she spent a few years over there and her host family had come to Australia for her wedding which you could tell meant alot. 

When looking at the first dance, a lot of people think that its nothing more than just a tradition. This was anything but that, with this couple, as Resolution by Matt Corby play, Luke held onto Carly for dear life. The lighting was perfect as the ambience created a more toned down and intimate setting perfectly needed. 

Please take a few minutes to watch their story on the video and view the images that we feel tell the story the best. Please feel free to share and leave a comment.

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