Braeside Chapel Wedding Video, Chris & Jarooni

Chris and I are long time friends so even though Chris was determined to try and make sure I relaxed and enjoyed being of of the guests, which I did but at the same time it was also great to be part of the guys getting ready and their photos section and do some video work aswell as getting the drone up in the air, The very talented Sunny was the other videographer for the day. Chris and Jarooni chose Braeside chapel on the Gold Coast as there venue. One of the reasons I love this venue is that everything is in one location. They have chapel for your ceremony, Just enough land to be able to get a few different locations for the photos and the undercover reception area. It makes doing Photography and Video so much easier as there is plenty of time to setup and plan things, They also had a rehersal which is always good because it gives me a chance to go through the motions of the ceremony as every ceremony is different and its best to be as prepared as possible, also to do things like check audio levels and outputs aswell as have a chat to the celebrant. A few things I like to talk the couple through are things like how to put your rings on while still facing your hand to the front so everybody and also the cameras can see. One of the other points I generally bring up at a rehersal is for the celebrant to move out of the way before the kiss, I learnt early that having a celebrants head directly behond 2 people kissing isn't a good look. Always have a few other small bits and pieces like the celebrant announcing the couple will be walking straight back down the isle it's amazing how many times uncle John in the 5th row will jump out in front of them and stop them to congratulate them on there was back down the isle if it's not formally announced. 

Jarooni & Chris just seem to fit, right since the start Chris knew that Jarooni was going to be his wife one day. Seeing how they interact and treat each other is a inspiration to all around them. Something that Jarooni mentioned in the ceremony which I included in the highlights is that Chris holds Jaroonis hand every night when she falls asleep, I think that sums it up really.

I hope you enjoyed the video massive thanks to Chris & Jarooni for letting me be part of your amazing wedding day and look forward to many more catch ups. Please leave a comment and let us know what you honk of the video.

Rob Bampton