Gladstone Wedding Adventure!! Will & Jess

Straight from the first time I spoke to Will on the phone I knew we where going to get along I answered the phone and asked him how his day was going and he said bloody fantastic!! From there we started to talk about what time the guys & girls would be getting ready but overall had a great chat, immediately he made me look forward to the road trip out to Gladstone. A few hours later Will contacted me again, this time he had an idea. He said me & a few of the boys are going to go ride our dirt bikes in the morning before we get ready is this something you would be interested in filming; I was going to be making the trip up with Sunny & both of us loved the idea so we started brainstorming straight away.  

Sunny & I jumped in one of the boy’s utes, I nominated Sunny to film from the tray as the bikes trailed behind us on our steady cam. The boys went crazy & was not long at all before we had our 1st and the 2nd stack with in a matter of minutes which was also followed by one of the boys breaking of their front breaks and having to zip tie it to the bike. Both times the guys jumped straight up rearing to go for more. We then went to a section where they could do a few jumps & then a road where they could cruise while I got the drone up. Not something I would recommend for everybody but Will was obviously a pretty skilled rider & didn't push it to far. Sunny & I had an absolute ball, we felt just like one of the boys.

Jumping to the reception we had a bit of a break after the entry until the speeches, I couldn't wait to view the footage from the bikes so I pulled it up on the laptop which I always have with me. I then showed a few of the lads especially the one clip where one of the boys got cut of and went over at speed. Will asked me if I was able to put a quick edit together and we could play it later at the reception. I agreed & started chipping away immediately.

Below you will find the dirt bike video, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we do. Will pretty much stopped the reception to give us the biggest of compliments which left us both feeling satisfied as well as thinking we would love to catch up with not just the guys but Jess & the girls. They all seem like a tight group that like to get the most out of life.

Moving on from our morning adventure I left sunny with the boys to take some footage of them getting ready & I made my way to meet Jess & the girls. One of my favourite parts of the video was when she walked from the bedroom & the girls in the lounge room got to see her in her dress for the first time, these moments are what makes my job so enjoyable. 

Heading of to the ceremony, I quickly got a park at the Gladstone Marina, made the mad dash & started to set up tripods, cameras & audio. For the bride’s arrival, they had a talented musician playing a few acoustic songs & Will's massive smile on show. Was a cute ceremony setup & in no time the ceremony was over, group & family photos then commenced. 

For the photos section we went to the Gladstone Botanical Gardens with a great mix of greenery and a lake for us to work with we immediately got excited part of our job during this section is to let our couples be in the moment and fade into the background when we can & just let the real emotions of the day flow. That wasn't to hard with these guys as your really could see the love in their eyes for each other, It was also an opportunity for me to get the drone in the air and get some aerial footage. 

Heading to the reception everybody was already relaxed and started to get into party mode, a few great speeches and some stories a great live band and lots of dancing the party had officially begun it was actually sad to eave these guys, I think we both would have loved to party on and see where the night goes, but as we had a bit of a drive ahead of us we decided to head home.

We loved our Gladstone adventure and we hope that you enjoy following their journey through our videos. Please share and comment!

Rob Bampton