Lennon & Emma's photography and videography Kangaroo Point Gold Coast

We are always keen to see which location will be our next in Brisbane as it’s one of our more popular destinations aside from our home on the Gold coast. On April 1st 2016 it was Lennon and Emma’s grand day. As relatives from all over the world ranging from Nigeria to the uk ventured to Australia to be here, nerves and excitement was in the air.

Our first location in Brisbane was the Grooms apartment, we turned up fully packed from head to toe in photography/videography gear as one of Lennon’s groomsmen lead us into the lounge room. Quickly setting up our equipment, Sunny the main photographer of the day launched into action to get some pre detailed shots of the rings/ accessories. Lennon had such a cheeky smile as he emerged from the room, ready to get the show on the road. As all of his groomsmen took turns in helping him put on his black and white suits, we were finished in no time, and off to our next location; the lovely bride to be Emma. 

Helping Emma prepare for her day was her two bridesmaids and maid of honour, her sister. Accompanying her was her immediate family joining in on the festivities.  We arrived at the location Emma was getting ready at in no time. Just as she was finishing getting her make up, we jumped into action, getting some great video shots, for their long/short version. After the make up artist was finished we took all of the girls into a room and had a bit of fun mucking around with some games, which created a break out of laughter perfect for video/ photos. 

Now it was time for the show to start moving, and this meant it was time for Emma to slip on her dress/shoes. With a dress made of lace with an open back, she looked simply radiant, not a veil on her head but an accessory still to feature, suited Emma's feature's well, as her smile came out. 

The ceremony was held at the Trinity Church in fortitude valley, with the style of the building resembling an early english gothic tone; the gable roof and arched doorways collaborate with our keen eye of taking the best creative shots.  On the interior an arcade of cast iron pillars define the edges of the nave and suppose the clerestory walls and roof. This quaint yet beautiful church was perfect for Emma and Lennon as it sufficiently housed all of their guests without being in the way of our camera and video crew. 

The reception/ photo section was being held in a completely different place. Located on the side of Kangaroo point Cliff and the other side you're looking at the stunning river city views. The Sunset Marquee is the perfect venue to hold an amazing venue. Spacious and fully closable, we enjoyed a spectacular sunset over the city, as the photos illustrated a 'Golden Twilight'. Poised on a rustic sandstone plinth, the venue's distinct differentiation and appreciation was themes tied in well with Lennon and Emma's rustic theme 

One of the more surprising details was the fact that this was the first wedding in Emma’s family, to make matters better; the whole entire family was there to support her, and you could feel the liven the air. 

One of the main speeches that stuck with me was the brother of Lennon’s. He was soo happy that they had another female in the family, aside from that he was genuinely ecstatic at his brother Lennon, finally finding happiness, finding this person that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Lennon shed a few tears between speeches and you couldn’t help but shed them with him. 

Boyce Avenue seemed to be a favourite for the couple as this was the first dance song played. It was full of infectious laughter and smiles, rather than tears per say, and this didn't stop the couple from breaking out right away. The guests surrounding the dance floor was all the more eager to get out their and have their own turn getting down on the dance floor.  So much great footage was shot, as all the hands clapped in the air and the music progressed on throughout the night. 

It was a pleasure shooting for Lennon and Emma, this is the couple that managed to find each other, but also worked exceedingly hard to stay together no matter what was thrown in their way. From Lennon having to work free manual labour just to stay in Australia, to Emma making the decision to move over to England, I see this couple going for, and from J'adore we wish them the best life possible. 

Natarlie Weller