Sandi & Marina Videography Cloudland Gold Coast

As we are slowly heading into winter the days are getting colder, but that didn’t stop Marina and Sandi from getting married on the 14th of May 2016. Getting ready at the same place, it was a lot easier for our crew to capture every single detail. While Rob and and I went to Sandi and the boys first, Sunny our other videographer  head straight for Marina. 

We spent a bit of time alternating between the bride and groom, not missing a detail, but getting different view points. From Sunny's shooting up close to get Marina’s best make up shots, to Rob going wide to get Sandi’s sister Cindy putting Marina’s veil. With pearls going from the top of the bodice in lines straight down, Marina’s was a vision to see. Accessorising with her look was pale white roses that collaborated with three brides maids dresses she’d picked out. All three girls, with there hair out and curled to the side made a an excellent composition.

Having three Groomsmen and one ‘Mario’ the brother of the bride, everything seemed to be running smoothly.  And they were all full of smiles. One of the more sophisticated suits, Sandi had collaborated his plane black tuxedo with her crisp white shirt and bow tie to match the cheeky smile on his face. All four boys managed to get ready quickly, and we shared a few laughs as the nerves were starting to set in. 

Before Sandi ventured off to the ceremony. Marina had a few perfect/different idea’s for her photos. Grabbing Sandi’s hand gently from the other side of the door. it was cheeky as they both glanced at the door, an object parting them away, you could just feel the tension.

Yet another one of Marina’s quirky idea’s was tying a tie gently around Sandi’s face as she cups his cheeks and rests her head against his. They both have infectious smiles that it was hard not to not get caught up in the moment with the both of them. 

Turning up at the ceremony, we were fortunate enough to be shooting at Cloud land in fortitude valley Brisbane. Cloudland is a spectacular venue designed with luxury interiors on a scale unrivalled in Brisbane. Its unique style makes it more than just a venue, uplifting guests to a world of glamour, elegance and imagination. Once the top floor of the heritage Empire Hotel – a beautiful old grand dame of Fortitude Valley’s most treasured historic buildings – the Moon Room features the charm of massive floor to ceiling windows, private bar, ornamental wrought iron façade with balconies and ample natural light. 

During the ceremony, before it ended they had both written each other personal letters only to be read if the couple was in a time of great difficulty, this beautiful gesture was sealed with a case of wine. and the couple was off to start their married life together.

For the photo section we ventured to a near by park close to Fortitude valley. The park featured a wide open area, so it was a lot easier/safer for our videographer Rob to get out the drone and have a bit of fun with the bridal party. 

Turning back up to Cloud land in Fortitude valley, we came upon the discovery that the reception was being held in a completely seperate part of the venue. The Heritage Room offers an elegantly refined yet commanding presence to your function, reception or conference.  With frames lining the wall and chandeliers dotted along the ceiling, the Heritage Room is elegant and refined. Whether you are holding a business conference, a wedding reception or cocktail function, this space is set to impress. The Heritage Room can hold 120 people banquet style and 300 people cocktail style.

Later on at the reception, when the speeches were starting to be conducted, Marina’s father had brought a special present ‘her dummy’. This little notion was cute and personal. There was plenty of people that got up and wanted to say their praise to the happy couple, and each and every individual had their own personal story to tell. when the first dance came, it was a completely different song, that we'd not encountered yet. 'Close to you' a slow version by Calvin Harris featured in their night, and their first dance was beautiful.  As the song was nearing I could tell that Marina was starting to tear up a little. After the legalities had finished it was time to start partying! 

Their night was full of everyone belting out their favourite lyrics to a particular song, the photo booth was a great hit, as it always is, with all of the family members giving it a go. One of the best things about being apart of this job, is getting to be apart of the different cultured weddings.  We are always open to friendly people, and when we see a whole crew letting lose, it amazing to watch and just be apart of.