Keith & Amiria Wedding Video & Photography God Coast Mt Tamborine

On the 6th of May 2016, Jadore was lucky enough to take our vehicle’s up the hill, surrounding ourselves with the beauty of Tamborine mountain.  Located in the hinterland of the Gold coast, this place is perfect for your wedding venue if you're wanting a more intimate and private affair, while also getting the added benefits of a tranquil scenery.

While the boys were getting their suits on down the road, the girls were lucky enough to have everything specifically organised at the Reception/ceremony. Quickly getting some great video snaps of her dress that had diamanties accentuated around the bodice, we were set upon the journey of creating the best day possible for our latest clients. 

Our other two employee's took charge by heading to Keith's getting ready location, and was pleasantly at ease with Keith straight away. His loving smile, and easy going nature made our jobs on the day so much better. An added bonus was the cream vests and white shirts that made the brown accessories he used pop out more in photos, for that rustic look. 

The time was ticking down as the ceremony was set to be conducted soon. Amiria was lucky enough to have three bridesmaids helping her on the day, and time flew by quickly without any of us realising.  The room while full of people, it was bubbling with energy that was nervousness and excitement all at once.

The ceremony, was an intimate and private affair, but that didn’t stop anyone from shedding a tear or two, and you could see the the tears being shed from both sides with emotional vows that got us all on a rollercoaster. 

After the readings were conducted and the formalities had been concluded, it was time to celebrate with platters of delicious seafoods, and canapés that all of the guests could enjoy outside under the natural light. This is perfect for photos, as natural lighting is some of our favourite photos.

When we reached the photo section, we were overjoyed by the extra set of company we were provided, two dogs, one gigantic, to the point where if he barrelled us down the hill, we’d keep rolling, and a cute shitsu with an outfit to match it's personality.  Keith, Amiria and the whole bridal party was exceptional to work with, while also having a few laughs to themselves, they were relaxed and open to any idea’s we gave them. We trialled quite a few locations, and it wouldn’t have been easy on Amiria’s feet in Mt Tamborine with heels, but she managed without any hassle.

One of the unique personal touches Amiria had situated around her reception was the cute treats for her guests. From the personalised caramel popcorn to the little olive glass containers, each little gift to the side had their own personal touch added to it's elements. Their cake had simple touches with a saying "All you need is love" lightly placed on the top of the white cake with a creamish/brown ribbon wrapped around. 

I always love seeing what song our clients will pick for their first dance song, as I believe it reflects on their love and the journey they went through to get to this final stage. 'Given the chance' by the Kite string tangle was beautiful, their first dance wasn't a choreographed set up, but more so soft intimate swaying that eventually led into the party getting started with the more techno beats as everyone stated to expel their energy.  

To tie this beautiful event together perfectly, Keith and Amiria had rented out a photo booth completely covered with every prop imaginable and the guests were sure to use it. All up it was a great day! From getting to see the lovely views of Tamborine mountain to being able to fly our drone over the hills perfect for such an event like this wedding. 

Natarlie Weller