Nick & Skye Palm Beach Wedding Photography and Video, Gold Coast

On the 23th of April 2016 we were setting out on a beachside wedding  surrounded by the lush GoldCoast lifestyle and under the natural light.

As we were turning up to Skye’s location in Molendinar, one of her bridesmaids were already in the midst of preparing breakfast for the famished bride. Between that and finding the jar full of little notes from all of their closest friends, we decided to play a little game; where Skye would read out some of her heartfelt notes. Getting to hear all of the little sentimental messages, gave us a sense already as to who Skye was, a gentle yet loveable person that seemed to be cherished. As we managed to find our way into the room where the dresses were located, to the side was her sparkly high heels that completed her beautiful mermaid white gown. 

As we rounded to the boys, we knew we were in for an interesting ride. One of the greatest added benefits of getting ready next to the ceremony, is the free time you have, this relieves stress and gives you more time to be relaxed before the ceremony.  

As Nick had three Groomsmen helping him on the day, these three individuals had managed to stay close friends for over a decade. Through all of the hilarious stories yet to be explained, they’re a funny crew to work with. When it was time for Nick to start getting ready, dark navy blue pants tied in really well with his grey tie and crisp white shirt.

Even after getting ready though, their journeys had not been complete yet, as they both had presented each other a gift before they both set off to the ceremony.  As Skye described her decision about meeting back up with Nick after years out of school it was a tough choice between being a ‘nana’ or going out and hitting the town in Fortitude valley to start drinking. This decision quickly became one of the best choices of her life, as it led her to that exact moment. A sentimental watch was then presented before his eyes, and it became one of his something ‘new’ gifts.

"Love and laughter, hugs and kisses, now and forever Mr and Mrs" that's how Nicks letter to skye started. He starts off by saying that he can't wait to marry his best friend, the person that he's shared soo many memories with. Between wishing for the most perfect day to come, and reassuring her that there's nothing to worry about, she closed the card and the water works erupted.  This is one of the best parts about being apart of this job, it's the feel our clients give us as we begin to understand more on who they are as individuals and why these two people want to come together, forever. This was inexplicably obvious with the exchanging of gifts and personal letters. 

As the ceremony was being held out under the sun at the Pacific surf club Palm beach, it was a close journey between Molendinar, but we managed to effectively set up all our gear, finding the best positions for the ceremony parts. We were in a bit of a battle against the natural elements like the wind, but luckily everything was on our side. 

The ceremony outside was done up exquisitely, with small crystallised balls hanging in a line straight down the centre of the walkway leading up to Nick, a red carpet making her dress pop, and chandelier hanging at the front under the curtains of the archway. As the ceremony was starting, some could say that it was quite a public affair, but as they both stipulated, everyone that had been invited came, and they felt soo cherished and grateful for the response.  

Another quirky tradition that both Nick and skye had put in their ceremony was the Love letter and wine box ceremony.  A love letter exchange is a romantic ceremony that will serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another. Heartfelt letters, encapsulating your thoughts and feelings are locked away in a wine box to be revealed several years into the marriage or when such difficult times arise. 

Usually a bottled beverage is placed in the box with two cups to signify a lasting union no matter how bad the times are. Bubbles were filling the air as the ceremony was set to finish with a walk down the aisle down by our latest happy couple.

With all of our crew set to emerge on the beach, we knew we were in for an amazing afternoon jam packed with the beach as our backdrop.  We were really fortunate with the afternoon setting out to have one of those rare but beautiful sunrises. 

As we flash forwards to the reception, the guests of the day found it easy as the function was held above in the function room. This stunning beachfront location is a great location! As the Surf club provides you with amazing customer service, the gourmet food as well did not disappointment.

When we get to the speeches, it's always another one of our favourite things. As all of the stories from a kid emerging into an adult come out, it's always amazing yet different to hear what each client gets up to. without a doubt the best man speech was quite hilarious yet notably ended with everyone prominently seeing that even at one of his most intoxicated moments the cricket, the only thing he was worried about was Skye. This brought a few tears to my eyes.

With a live band playing all of the upbeat tunes, the night continued to progress along in the best way for Nicholas and Skye, the night didn't die down as the both of them could be seen either on the dance floor or catching up with old friends. We hope they live a happy and fulfilled life together, and from what we've seen we know they will. 

Please enjoy the images that we feel tell the story the best from there day.  We will be post the video soon so stay tuned.