Byron View Farm Wedding Photography Benji & Angela's

Hi everybody Rob here thanks again for reading if you have read one of my blogs before you know it means a lot to me that you take the time to read these I hope that through our photography and video it brings some happiness and joy into your life. 

I had known Benji for a few years through sport so it was a pleasure when he asked me to be a part of his & Angela's wedding. The venue was Byron View Farm which is tucked away on a secluded hilltop overlooking Byron Bay, I am looking forward to doing more Photography & videography at this venue moving forward.

I met the Benji & the groomsman at a house in Byron for their getting ready process the boys where full of laughs and general banter, I feel like with the guys their morning seem to be a lot more relaxed and it doesn't really hit them until the brides starts the walk down the isle and being able to get a close up look at these emotions is certainly one of the perks of the job. 

Heading over to the girls who had a apartment in Byron Bay you can tell that things get real for the ladies as soon as the bride starts to put her dress on generally one of the bridesmaids or mum will have a tear in their eye which will have a domino effect on the rest of the girls. It was great to spend these special moments with Angela you could really tell how much this moment meant to her. 

Byron View Farm really is a beautiful venue and we would love to shoot more weddings at this amazing venue seeing Benji waiting at the end of the alter while Angela and her father walked through the gate with the hills in the background and the fresh open air making for a beautiful atmosphere. First tears the laughter and smiles all round before a kiss a cheer and a quick signing of the paperwork before they walked back down the isle and into the rest of there wedding day adventure. 

With wedding like this I really have to be honest and say I would have loved for J'adore to do their wedding video as well as the photography, with so much emotion I just know it would have made for a great video but I truely do hope that you can feel some of the emotions through our images.

We set of for the photos section with the bridal party who where up for anything and we really did have a lot of fun, we try to make the photos section one that everybody will look back to a wedding day and think of it as one of the highlights, on your wedding day you have your absolute best friends with you free drinks and nowhere to be. We generally send of the best of the bridal party for the last 30min of the photos section and spend some time just with our couple and change the focus a bit. We just remind them that now they are married and to use these oment to take it in and be present.

Heading into the reception as the sun was setting was just amazing we used this moment to get some more images then jumped into the proceedings with some speeches a cake cutting and then straight in the first dance.

As always thanks you so much for reading I would love to hear from you let me know if these images gave you the feels just like they did me!


Rob Bampton