Daniel & Karlee Inercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding.

We are always delighted when we hear we are going back to one of our favourite venues at the Sanctuary Cove Chapel, Daniel & Karlee story is a great one. Having been brushed off a couple of times previously, Our couple had briefly meet out partying but it wasn't until Daniel's sister worked at a vet's clinic with Karlee until Daniel really made a impression. Things didn't truly progress until Daniel's nieces 1st birthday, where they both attended before things finally took off, and here we are now.

Starting off at Karlee's place, Jess's, Rob's and I made it our priority to make this the best day possible for both Daniel and & Karlee. 

While Daniel was just getting ready down the road, this led to our job being so much easier. Rob ended up leaving jess and I with the girls for a bit while he went to shoot the girls, so in that time, we decided to get all of the detail shots, that way we weren't missing anything from the day between the three of us.

Featured from the floor-to ceiling windows that illuminate the whole area, the Sanctuary Cove Chapel was perfect for Daniel and Karlee, it also couldn't help being a 5 minute golf cart ride away from saying I do.  We managed to get everything set up effectively, checking the audio, and camera placement. It's always a difficult decision deciding where to place the camera's for ceremony, as no on wants to miss anything. Karlee came down the aisle looking as pretty as ever, as she clutched her bouquet to her face, smiling and grinning, as Daniel turned away trying to get a hold of the situation.

We love seeing these moments of raw emotion, in a way it's what makes us love our jobs even more.  As we travelled through the photo section we started off at The Sanctuary Cove Resort which was perfect. With a garden pavilion and man made beach, we took to all of the best locations and decided to fool around with the lighting. As the sun was going down we were keen to taking some videography of the two individuals together before we set off sprinkling petals over the beach. We then ventured to the courtyard where we did a series of situations ranging from the bride being picked up by all three groomsmen, when we tried with the situations reversing things took a rapid decline.... But the girls still maintained their wit and held Daniels flailing body for a few good shots!!

One of the best photography/videography features about Sanctuary cove is the reflection pool, here we can get some of the best stuff. As the sun was setting we decided to get out our LED lights which really got things turning a different way in a sense of our camera image.

The intercontinental always features and highlights some of the best theme's for weddings, whether you're looking for the glamorous themed wedding or you like the rustic or elegant themed, the Intercontinental resort can spaciously provide. The reception area, was decked out with round tables filling up the foyer, pale white and peach flowers littered the whole event as we were preparing to set up the speeches gear while also listening to Jackson James Smith providing some soulful acoustic cover tunes. 

As the couple came in through the reception area with a crowd loudly cheering behind them, Karlee's gleeful laughs could be heard around the whole venue as Daniel took to carrying his bride in to the reception in true gentlemanly fashions. Daniel and Karlee's night was filled was the prettiest cake, layered from gold, to hues of pinks and creams. From there on, their night was filled was soo many memories they get to look back on with their video.

From the Shannon Noll singing Marathon to techno beats, "what about me", to Daniel's deceleration of love, for his Wife, we got to be apart of an amazing day courtesy to this funny and flamboyant couple. We wish you the best!!