Milos & Dejana's Gold Coast/Brisbane Culture Wedding.

Getting to be apart of another wedding from the same family was truly an honour for the whole team. As we had previously done Milka's wedding earlier in the year, we were keen to get right back in the action of things. This time though, we were avidly more prepared for all of the little cultural traditions.

Serbian wedding is great tradition with a lot of interesting and symbolic “rules”.Car for every guest has to have colourful towels or blankets tied onto the car’s mirrors. The bride and groom’s car, the main and the first car in the column of all guests’ cars, is all in flowers and decorations. Also, groom’s brother carries the Serbian flag. After serving a little food and usually a lot of Rakija, they form column of cars with the bride and groom’s car in the front, and they then go to purchase the bride. All the way towards bride’s house cars from column don’t respect traffic rules and honk all the time.

We started off bright and early for the day, and as the storm was starting to set in all around the south east coat of Queensland, this didn't deter us from our main goal, to provide a spectacular day for both Milos & Dejana. 

While we had two other team members taking still shots of Milos getting ready, their was another camera taking in all of the smaller key moments that were taking outside, this included all of the thankyou's that was provided by the family. 

Meanwhile, at the brides house, we had two other crew members both taking photo and video for the start of the morning. This also included a few smaller traditions such as the exchanging of gifts. With the Serbian music kicking fully into action with the accordion playing on in the background, the whole entire crew was prepared for both families to meet. 

much like Dejana's sisters wedding a lot of the traditions were very much the same. as when the groom arrived, their was a crowd around the front entrance of Dejana's parents entrance where more cultural notions took place, before we all knew it, it was time to take off to the ceremony. 

The ceremony was in the same church as Milka, so this was a lot easier for the whole team to shoot around the venue as we had been their previously before hand. Still we made sure to get all of the small traditions that were incorporated at the Serbian church. The candles symbolise the perpetual light of Christ, and remind the couple that from now on they must shine in virtue and purity with good deeds. The rings are first blessed by the priest, who holds them in his right hand and makes the sign of the cross over the couple’s heads.  

The crowns are said to represent the martyrdom, sacrifice and unwavering devotion. The priest takes the object and makes the Sign of The Cross three times over the couple. The crown is then kissed by the groom before it is placed, then the same with his bride. Then the crowns are exchanged between the heads of the couple three times.

The couple will drink wine from a chalice to symbolise that they will be sharing the happiness and sorrows of life together. They do this three times. The priest will then lead the bride and groom three times around the alter on their first steps as a married couple.

When they arrive at bride’s home groom has to use the weapon and to shoot the apple from great distance to show that he has become a men, and that he deserves a bride. Also, hitting the apple is permission for the guests to come into the yard or house. If he misses the guests join him with their weapons until they blow up the apple. When they come into the house the bride is locked in the room and groom’s brother go to negotiate with bride’s brother about the price. When groom’s brother pays for bride he walks out with her to the yard. In the yard guests can enjoy Serbian food, a lot of Rakija, and guest usually dance Serbian national dance called “Kolo”.

Then they all go to groom’s house. There bride has to throw colander full of wheat and candies on the roof of the house, and if it stays on the roof the bride is going to stay, Dejana's excellent throwing skills worked in her favour as she effortlessly threw the whole basket over landing it perfectly on the roof tops.. Wheat in the colander symbolises fertility of the bride, and candies symbolise sweat, beautiful life. Bride also has to throw little child called “Nakonjce” in the air and catch him a few times to show that she is strong enough to give a birth and raise a children. The groom carry bride into his house and she carry bread with milk and honey on it, and bottle of wine. Wine is like a gift for house, but bread symbolise that groom and bride’s marriage is going to be easy going and great combination like bread, honey, and milk.

For the photo section we went to the botanical gardens, where even the rain didn't deter us from getting some amazing and creative shots! from the cool umbrella and rain image where flash worked in our favour perfectly capturing even the raindrops, to the small intimate moments that we managed to sneak capture for this couple. The best part about shooting this couple, was the constant smiling they produced, this made our jobs simply easy, as we didn't have to move them around much ,it was just all soo natural. 

It was time then to head to the reception that was in Brisbane. the Colossus Reception lounge. With a huge and wide open space that would easily be filled come the end of the formalities, this place was perfect for any big reception catering for many guests, and lets not forget to mention Dejana's style scheme! with every little detail effortlessly tied in to create an etherial look, the reception was done to perfection!  

After speeches and the cake was cut, it was time to make a big wild party . Drinks like great Serbian plum homemade Rakija called “Sljivovica” were passed around to all of those who wanted. Also, there was a lot of dancing. With a saying that goes you can easily party until dawn, this could be plainly seen with this couple and all of their chosen friends and family who came together to create the best night!