RACV Royal Pines Wedding Venue.

We've been lucky enough to score a few weddings at this amazing location. Not only does it provide both a ceremony and reception venue, but it also caters to a wide range of locations for the photo section.

For your big wedding day, you want to be close by for the ceremony, as every bride never wants to be late on their wedding day. Because of this 5 minute walk from the resort it's PERFECT! and who wouldn't want to stay in the heart of the Gold Coast looking over a variety of sceneries ranging between mountain top views, coastal, and parklands views. 

Nestled into the lush landscape is the resorts weddings chapel.  Complete from Australian/Italian timber and marble floors, stained glass windows that reflects natural light, this  romantic ceremony comfortable seats 100 guests. What's even better is the places to put our camera's for the ceremony. It's always a difficult decision deciding where to put the tripods as we always run the risk of any parties moving out of the shot; but with four tripods set up around the foyer, this chapel creates an effectively beautiful wedding video in the making already. 

There are a variety of picturesque area's surrounding RACV Royal Pines resort. whether you're wanting a candid creation or something more creative, the elements we get to surround ourselves with at the Royal Pines resort will always test our skills. 

If you're wanting to add something a little extra to the special night, the venue provides a couple of options in regards to a lavish or sentimental wedding cake.  Additional themed accessories can be provided at the reception if the LOVE bold sign is something of your taste, one of the more popular choices is the wishing well that can come in different objects.