Brendan & Heidi's Wedding Video & Photography, Coolibah Downs Private Estate, Hinterland Wedding Venue, Gold Coast

Hi fellow wedding lovers Rob here thanks for taking the time to have a quick read view some images and watch 6 minutes of joy, fun, love and laughter. Now onto our stars of the day Brendan & Heidi (oh and the bundle of joy (mason), I meet up with them first at a coffee shop after one of the bridesmaids Bex sent them my way. Its great when I meet clients through friends as their is a level of trust already built. I got along with them so well and didn't take long before learning a bit about their story, How they met, Proposal details etc. I was excited to hear they wanted to go ahead, I kept in regular communication and we also met closer to the wedding to do a full run through of the day ad talk about the images they like and what they like, loved and didn't like about not just our videos but all wedding videos online. 

After many years of weddings and clients I have learnt that the connection I build with my clients reflects directly into their photo and video, Their are many photographers and videographers out their that are perfect technically but they don't care about the clients they don't feel the emotions. I feel that is my advantage I LOVE connecting with my clients before their wedding day. It makes them relaxed and even excited when I arrive to start shooting. I feel every moment and because i can see and feel it, it allows me to capture it on camera. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having Brendan & Heidi into our studio to watch their video and go threw their images. It was such a great experience seeing their emotion & happiness. 

Anyway back to the day, They selected our Premium package which included a  team of four, we went our seperate ways with one photographer & one videographer with each of the Bride & Groom. 

The boys were located right next to the reception which was terrific. Walking straight in with a game plan to find what suit Brendon would be wearing was our first option along with his other accessories including pants, buckle etc. With a groomsmen crew of four, it was shaping up to be a fun and eventful day, and what was better was the motorcycle entrance. The crew started off with cracking a few jokes and sharing a few drinks before it was time to get ready. Before we knew it, Brendon and his group were starting up the motorcycles and we were off to the ceremony. we stopped mid way to get a few motorcycle shots and wide video angles, before we continued on. 

The Girls had a great spot for their getting ready process Heidi & the girls where loving the morning, Heidi looked amazing & the moment her dad saw her he felt the same as his tears started flowing and soon after a few of my own the girls joined him its moment like these that make me realise I have the best job ever!!

As the white limo turned up right out the front of the chapel, it was game time, and the bridesmaids got out in dresses matching the cream and pinks bouquet. Heidi was a sight to be hold, with a full veil and her hair done up and draped to the side, her make up was flawless and her eyes gleamed with happiness, this was perfect for photo/video as it was just effortless to capture such a happy and glowing bride. 

The glow didn't stop there though, it continued on like a shine all the way down the aisle to Brendon. Before that though, their adorable son Mason took to the aisle first showing everyone how to do it properly in his cute suit. 

After the formalities were concluded it was the photo section and the elements were definitely playing in any photographer/videographers favour today, it also helped that we had an AMAZING location. with the natural light still playing in our favour we took the bridal crew outside and around. with the natural shrubbery surrounding us, we accrued some boy/girl images and lets not forget to mention the couple images/video we snapped up. we didn't stop there though, we took to an off location sight not far away, to find the perfect hinterland spot right when dusk was starting to occur. 

Between battling the roads as we were shooting across from one, and trying not to laugh ourselves as the bridal crew cracked up jokes left, right and centre, we were left with too many great images to choose from and a smile that didn't leave our faces. 

We got back just in time for the reception, and Coolibah Downs Private Estate had done it up to perfection. as we entered the white tent, their was a wide dance floor station in the middle, with an array of grouped with tables siting around, this sometimes can be difficult shooting for the photographer/videographer but with enough room to squeeze in and deliver perfection we excelled.  

Please take some time to view Brendan & Heidi's Video & Images, Would love to see a comment or share our post. 


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