The intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Venue.

The Intercontinental Sanctuary Resort is situated perfectly right outside the main touristy parts of the Gold Coast. Located a short distance from tourist mecca with a short drive to the heart of Surfers Paradise, the resort is tucked within the beautiful surroundings of Sanctuary Cove, ideal for a glamorous/rustic or beach wedding in Australia. 

We've had the pleasure of shooting both photography and videography all around the Intercontinental resort, and each wedding has been completely different to the other, with a wide range of bridal parties that all had power house personalities & this amazing feel of love that each individual couple had. 

One of our most recent shoots at Sanctuary Cove happened on the same day! With both a limousine entrance and then a helicopter turning up after, we have been exceptionally spoilt for choice.

The very first time we shot at Sanctuary Cove was Russ and Tiaree's wedding, and I still can't get over the beautiful moment when one of our videographers came the front of the glass chapel to find Tiaree's father waiting patiently, he had this glowing smile that still gets us all gooey. 

The photo section around The intercontinental is spectacular with an array of locations all around the venue. Most of our group shots are either done in the chapel with the natural lighting playing into our favour, or right out the front with the high glass walls as our background. 

Let's not forget to mention the drone is PERFECT for this venue. With an open and wide enough space to travel around the place we are always able to get new and different shots with our couples. 

Our favourite section is the reflection pool, where we are always coming up with new, effective and creative ways to bring out the love around this area. One of our favourite moments is when Daniel, walks towards Karlee, picks her up and gently leans in to kiss her. With the reflection pool and the afternoon working in our favour, we were able to set up the perfect shot. 

Along the steps right beside the european looking fountain, the position there is perfect for all group shots, with an etherial look to it.

Message the intercontinental today to get your quote and book this AMAZING venue!! It's a must have for your ceremony/reception AND accomodation, and why not make it easier on yourself for the big day? It's already stressful enough making sure everything is running smoothly and effectively, imagine how potentially effortless your big day could be with just a little bit of help.

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