Intercontinental Wedding Photo & Video - Sanctuary Cove - Gold Coast, Russ & Tiare

Weddings really have changed a lot over the last 20 years look at back my parents wedding photos and video and most from this era. They all seem to be very similar but with different people. I love that the weddings of today are a reflection of the couple and also friends and family. Russ & Tiare had such a great mix of tradition with different cultures and dances. It was a very fun day for all invloved which I also think reflects our couple. The way they look at each other tells the other side of the story the passion and love deep with in there eyes.

My name is Rob and I was lucky enough to have been part of the J'adore team for the day. The venue for the day is one of my favorites the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove which is on the Gold Coast. It is such a great all in one venue with great accommodation, ceremony, photos and reception options. The morning went very smooth with both the bride are grooms preparation being covered with photo and video. The ceremony was then at the glass chapel which is almost a famous landmark on the Gold Coast. I love ceremonies because it's one of the only days men are expected and allowed to get emotional and Russ didn't disappoint when Tiare reached the end of the isle arm in arm with her father. I really do love these moments and generally end up shedding a tear or 2 myself as it's beautiful to see love at its purest moments. 

After the ceremony we took the opportunity to wonder around the Intercontinental grounds with the ocean, gardens and water features there is a great selection of options to work with. I will let you be the judge as you view the selection of images we have included as our story images in the blog.

The reception venue was at The Grange. Such a great spot as you can see everything from anywhere in the room. So speeches and dance etc gives everybody a front row seat as previously mentioned the reception was a lot of fun with some dancers who got the crowd involved. Once the formalities where over it seemed like the whole group hit the dance floor. It was a great atmosphere. We received a great response from Russ & Tiare when we sent them there wedding video and images, it really does mean so much when we get amazing feedback from our clients. We hope you enjoy aswell. I would love to hear some of your feedback aswell.

Chat to you all soon

Rob Bampton