Sydney's Lauriston House Wedding Photography for Glenn & Kim

We here at J’adore love our Sydney weddings, being one of our favourite city’s the team & I were very excited to have the opportunity to be heading back to such a gorgeous location.

Ramsey & I started with the groomsman, despite Glenn trying to send us straight off to the ladies we got some great images which I am certain looking back he will be glad we stayed. Kim did give us fair warning he may have tried to pull a fast one on us so we were will prepared to take on the challenge. Once we had explained to him that it wouldn’t take long & after taking a few shots he was well on board. Shooting the guys getting ready was quite enjoyable for myself & the team, hearing them cracking jokes & reminiscing about a crazy buck’s party & plotting their revenge against the groomsman who had put it all together. We love to see this kind of happiness amongst our clients, a huge part of why we do what we do here at J’adore. & Before Glen knew it we were done & left them to continue getting ready & bonding over memories they had all shared together.

Not long after we arrived at the Merriton in Parramatta to a stunning modern suit, with the ladies pouring Champaign accompanying the bride in the hair & makeup chair looking as gorgeous as ever. Kim looked stunning wearing her white camisole with a beautiful white throw over dressing gown with gorgeous lace details. As soon as we saw this we knew we had the perfect setting to get some great shots of Kim & the girls putting her garter on.

The room we had to shoot in was nice & tidy, with beautifully fragranced flowers along with all of her accessories needed already placed on the bed ready for our arrival. Her gorgeous dress hanging up on the lamp in the corner of the room with some beautiful light coming through the windows behind we instantly felt very confident that we would be creating some stunning images. Having this all arranged prior to our arrival made it much easier for us to get in & get the job done allowing us a little more time to get those perfect images. Instantly we got to work displaying everything so we could really capture how perfect this day was about to be.

As Kim’s kombi van had arrived to collect the beautiful bride & her bridesmaid’s we all made our way over to the magnificent all in one venue Lauriston House in Dundas Valley.

The ceremony took place outside under a gorgeous gazebo located at Lauriston house with all of their nearest & dearest in attendance soaking up the beautiful weather whilst watching this perfect moment unfold of Kim & Glen becoming Husband & wife.

After the ceremony we took some group & family photos before whisking the happy newly weds off in their gorgeous classic cars for some photos nearby Parramatta lake. This being a location Kim had previously selected & I might I just add it was stunning, the team & I were very impressed. It really was the perfect location. Whilst the couple was enjoying their first moments being Mr & Mrs you could really see the newly wed sparkle in their eyes as we began to snap away, capturing those precious interactions of them both effortlessly laughing & smiling at one another.

As they entreated the reception back at Lauriston house to the raw applause of family & friends the band began to play. Food & drinks coming out not long after the night begun without a hitch moving onto some dancing and celebratory drinking a great night was had by all.

By Jessica McGuiness