Couran Cove Photo & Video Adventure "A New Beginning"

Imagine if you had your first date with your partner recorded on photovideo, Well for Isla and I we do well actually we have the first time we met which was at Brendan & Heidi's wedding at Coolibah Downs Private Estate. From that initial meeting after several attempts Isla finally convinced me to go on a date with her..... Or actually it may have been the other way round... Maybe definitely.. but anyways moving on, I had been in talks with the events manager at Couran Cove as we where planning on boosting the wedding photo and video portfolio of the island as it really is a beautiful venue with sooo much potential.

So I had been asked to go and take some images and video in return for a nights accomodation and I invited Isla to accompany me. She had previously done some modelling and also was into photography so it seemed a great fit. The following images and video where from our 1st date which i think we be pretty amazing to look back on as time goes on.

On a side note we still havent been able to shoot a wedding at couran cove yet but we are very keen even willing to discount so fingers crossed.


Thanks for having a read guys, look forward to sharing more of our adventures with you all.



Rob Bampton