5 Reasons Wedding Albums Are Important 

Wedding albums is the one thing that people seem to put on the bottom of the list when it comes to planning a wedding, when for us.. it is one of the most important parts of the day & this is why..


Technology changes & digital isn’t indestructible

We’re used to everything being shared in real-time, so naturally we are all focused on getting their favorite files loaded onto social media to show (off to) their friends. But where will those images be in 10 years? How about 25 years? Will you still be using Facebook? Will your computer still read USBs? Not too long ago, we were using floppy disks and dial-up internet, so who knows what the next quarter-century will bring. Technology is constantly changing, but a tangible album can never be outmoded. 


Albums emphasise your story

A huge canvas print might show the bride’s stunning dress, the groom’s wingtip shoes, and the epic location. But they don’t show the handmade centerpieces, the thoughtful favors, the signatures drinks, the guests laughing, the blackmail-worthy dancing photos. Those details are a huge part of the story -- and if they’re not hanging on your  wall, where are they? Without an album, they could linger on a USB for…well, forever. At J’adore we document the day from start to finish - We are telling a complete story of your  life at that particular moment. Albums are & always will be a natural extension of that.


Preserve the art of imagery from your special day

Your wedding album is a form of artwork crafted especially for you. Featuring everything imaginable, all the smaller details that are sometimes forgotten among all else that happens on such a BIG day. Why not display this in a beautiful hand crafted album you can show off to your family & friends?

You can't stick a USB on the walls and say " Hey look at my wedding! all the details & how beautiful it was on that USB stuck to the wall. " or " That USB has all my wedding photo's would you like to see?" granted, some people might say yes if they have 3 hours to look through 1,000's of images.. or you can sit down with them while having a nice chat and you wont even need to ask them to have a look at your beautifully designed wedding album, it will stand out itself & make your guests want to see how beautiful your wedding day was & the amazing love story it tells. 


You’re too busy for a DIY job, trust the professionals

You might think you have the time to sift through hundreds of photos, pick out the best shots and organise them in a chronological order that also expertly tells the story of your love, but you’re probably busier than you think you are.

 All to commonly I hear ’A lot of couples find that it’s a year later, and they haven’t got around to it,’

If you are trusting us with capturing all of your special moments, you should be trusting in our professional opinion when it comes to designing what we as photographers & creatives have captured. 


You have options $ 

Albums might seem eye-wateringly expensive, but you do have cheaper options.

A photobook, also known as a storybook, is a coffee-table-style album that’s more budget-friendly and is included in many photographers’ ‘basic’ packages.

The very highest quality wedding albums can cost anywhere from $600-$5000 if you really wanted to spend the money but knowing the option is there is all the more calming.