Arlie Beach Villa Botanica Wedding Videography - Perry + Rebecca

I just wanted to start this blog off by saying WOW. This wedding venue is the definition of what you would call a dream wedding.

Starting our journey from the GC all the way to Arlie Beach the trip was a breeze. Arriving at this pristine wedding location you just couldn’t ask for anything more. Blue skies, crystal clear water & a spectacular view.

As per usual we started the days with the boys at Waters Edge apartments, which were perfect! Nice size & yet again some beautiful views. Driving 5 minutes down the road we arrived at Villa Botanica. That amazing wedding venue I was talking about earlier! Having a quick look around the venue we were very impressed. The staff were all so lovely to meet and work alongside for the day & night.

Our beautiful bride Rebecca was in the finishing stages of having her hair and makeup done while we started filming all of the beautiful wedding details. Before long it was time to get into the exciting parts! Filming her preparation, gifts to the bridesmaids and her gorgeous two little twin daughters seeing mummy for the first time in her wedding dress was just a moment that you want to remember forever. One of the many things I love about wedding videography, it’s those little moments that you capture that can now last a lifetime.

Before we knew it, it was time to get the ceremony ready. Walking down that aisle you felt like you were on an exotic island, maybe Fiji.. or even Hawaii! It’s amazing to think that places like this are in Australia, it really is such a beautiful country! Their ceremony was nothing short of amazing, with heartfelt words you could see there wasn’t anything these two wouldn’t do for one another. Before the ceremony concluded Bec, Perry & her two daughters all did a painting. Each using a special colour to signify the family blending as one.

Photos section was stunning which was exactly what you’d expect being in such a wonderful location. As the sun started to set it was time for the reception party to get started! The reception itself was held out on the sea deck, with the view of the mountains on the horizon and the ocean leading the way to the picturesque sunset.

Everyone was in awe of just how magnificent this wedding venue was, myself and Rob included. As the night continued we had speeches that you could feel were truly from the heart, the one that got us the most was when Bec stood up to do a surprise speech, in tears for most of it you could see just how much Perry meant to her. It’s such a beautiful thing to see two people share such a strong connection with one another, and that is exactly what these two had.

This wasn’t the only surprise of the night, there was more!! The lovely photographer Vanessa lined everyone up for a group shot, little did they know what was about to happen! While Bec & Perry were looking out to the horizon an amazing show of fireworks began, and so did the tears!

It was a beautiful spray of colourful light across the night sky, & it looked AMAZING in the video as you will soon see below. The night was slowly drawing to a close as we came to say our goodbyes.

We had such an awesome day and cannot wait to share the video with everyone! From the team at J’adore, congratulations!! We wish you all nothing but the very best.



Isla & Rob