Brisbane City Wedding Photo Adventure at LightSpace - Ben + Charlotte

One of the things we love most about our job is that we are constantly meeting new and amazing people. Sharing in their love story & capturing their magical moments as they unfold. 

Ben & Charlotte what doesn't feel like that long ago had a surprise engagement. Ben had contacted us asking if we could film this surprise & we jumped at the opportunity to do so, singing to her on the beach with a beautiful picnic it was such a perfect moment for them both. 

Moving on month down the track it was now time for their wedding & we were super happy to yet again be apart of such a special day for them both. 

Staring with Ben and the boys arriving they were all very calm, collected.. accept for when it came to tying the ties Ben's Dad made sure they were all perfect. It didn't take long before we started making our way over to the girls. One of the first things we both noticed when we arrived were the two beautiful cars sitting in the driveway, someone in that house was obviously a Porsche fan. 

Making our way in again they were also so calm! 2/2 doesn't happen very often.. These two had everything planned, organised & ready to go. Charlotte had both of her sisters as her bridesmaids & her best friend. The girls did a great job as fussing over Charlotte in the morning, all telling her how beautiful she looked, which might I add was very true! She looked amazing, and in the dress she had selected it was just beautiful.. Not to mention the back! That was one of my favourites parts of the gown. Charlotte has her hair done by Tomadon’s Mobile Hairdressing, it had been done just beautifully. 

Ceremony was creeping closer & closer you could slowly start to feel Charlottes nerves kicking in & I think its safe to say Ben's had started too. Arriving at LightSpace, Which was the chosen venue for both Ceremony & Reception it looks beautiful. Ben was standing at the end of the isle looking a little nervous but more excited then anything else. As the music played and the bridesmaids started walking down the isle you could just see how much his face lit up the moment he saw Charlotte. 

The ceremony was beautiful, with vows they had prepared themselves it was very personal and intimate. Celebrant Melanie, did a wonderful job at conducting the ceremony. 

Moving into the Photo's section we had discussed that we were just going to go for a little walk around to see what we could find in the area. It was a bit of a challenge but we know we still got some amazing shots as you will see below in the gallery. 

As the sun was finally setting it was time to had back into the reception at LightSpace. Which yet again they had decorated beautifully, with the lights supplied by AVIideas, & cake by Cake My Day by Jo it was just stunning. 

The reception was awesome, with Charlotte having planned a surprise song for Ben, as he did for their engagement it lit the room up, not to mentioned Ben's face, he was just in awe of Charlotte at this very moment. With such a beautiful voice I don't think anyone wanted her and her sisters to stop!

We had such a lovely time being apart of this special day for both Ben & Charlotte and one day when a mini me comes into the picture I hope we can continue to capture more magical moments for them. Wishing you both nothing but the very best.

Love from the team at J'adore.