Bundaberg Wedding Video - Chris & Jody

Bundaberg! Located up north of Queensland and a five hour drive from the gold coast; this was a new experience for the J'adore team, thankfully we had energetic drivers ready for the exciting day ahead.  As tradition the bride and groom were separate, I got to experience Jody and Chris two bundles of joy with the groomsmen and the cheeky groom himself.

Jodie already preparing for cute and inspiring photo's had sent jess a list of images she wanted to incorporate in her album; one being 'the shaving look' with her son.  

The ceremony was a short drive away from the the soon to be married couples place, this was a huge bonus as this gave the team time to look at the lighting and set up the perfect views for the tripods (Full day package.)

Seeing Jodie for the first time, I could instantly see why Chris wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She glowed and smiled; this was it. All those months of planning, the countless hours all led up to that one moment, and as an added bonus to the beautiful moment Chris seemed speechless.

The bridal party were an experience to shoot, while it was a rather large group, their vibrant and fun natured personalities helped the team capture spectacular and different shots.  We went to multiple settings ranging from under the tree canopies on a wooden seat, to the retro car themed photos. 

One of the best parts of the job is getting new ideas especially from pintrist. Jodie had spent time perfectly crafting cool and quirky shots that sparkled with creativity.

Yet another one of Jodie's examples is the use of cray paper as her brides maids and her have fun with their props, taking both funny faces and blowing the cray paper in the air.

Additionally jodie provided a cool and quirky shot that was one of our favourites,  the 'Cinderella' themed glass slipper shot Dwayne our photographer.

Before we went off to the reception Chris and his groomsmen couldn't wait to get one more photo. As they all excitingly started to unbutton their shirts, it revealed Queensland jersey's.

The location of the reception brought the crew back into the heart of Bundaberg along the waterfront. The venue staff provided excellent food that was prepared beautifully. Jodie and Chris went a few steps further providing a mini 'candy land' lolly bag service anyone could go to while also hiring out a photo booth with all the crazy props to go with it.

Towards the end of the night after the speeches were made, and the cake was cut. Everyone was  starting to dance with Chris and jodie as they were singing and giggling to the classics with her bridal crew. New and inventive dances were made and embraces were shared, and it seemed everyone was truly celebrating

As we were packing up our equipment there was an excitement to see the photos we took. This showed that this was another spectacular wedding to be apart of, with fun personalities and different challenges it was a great experience to capture.