Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica Destination Wedding Video Brenton & Tasha

The connection Brenton & Tasha have with each other is so strong and you can almost feel it when they are in the room together from the moment I met them I new these 2, I knew the adventure ahead was going to be magical.

Hi all its Rob here, it all started with Brenton contacting me from Canada, he said that he was coming to Australia and that he wanted to propose to Tasha on a Hot Air Balloon, After some discussion we came up with a plan I was to pose as a contractor that had been hired by the hot air ballon company doing there promotional video, so the day came I obviously had to pretend I didn't know them we all met at the meeting point at 4am and drove out on the bus to a location only to be told that is was to windy.

They gave us the opportunity to try again the next day so we agreed, this time we where on the rest of the story tells it self in the video so have a watch. Then read on for part 2 of the adventure. 

This video had a great response and really was such a special moment that I was so grateful to be a part of. So when Brenton contacted me saying he was getting married and that they where having a destination wedding in Costa Rica and wanted me to come do the wedding videography I knew that it was going to be another great opportunity to create some more magic. A few months later I spoke to them again and this time it was to inform me that they where excited to announce they had a baby on the way which would postpone the wedding but also to confirm that all is still going ahead.

Fast forward to Wedding week, I arrive at Dreams Las Mareas and it is actually AMAZING, This is such a amazing place, for Brenton, Tasha and now baby Ryla they had 60 of their friends and family join them for the week and I was lucky enough to do the same. 

The plan was to document the whole week including the venue so it didn't take me long to get the drone up and so some venue shots and then meet the group and get some footage of the pre wedding activities.  

Moving onto the wedding day I got some footage of both the bride and groom getting ready then headed down to the ceremony area which was a beautiful set overlooking the beautiful Costa Rican ocean on the beachfront. The brial party all walked down the isle as part of the build up then It was time for Tasha and her father to walk down the isle, You could tell how much this meant to them as they had to take some time to get them selves ready for the walk and then at the end of the isle waiting for there for a moment to soak in everything there certainly was emotions flowing. Again during there vows you could tell how much this moment and everything it signifies means to everybody involved.

One person that was missing was Tasha's brother Tyler who had been held up in Customs at Brazil, As we started getting photos after the Ceremony he arrived and the scenes that followed where beautiful with him joining his friends and family Tasha had tears of joy that he was safe and made it to be apart of her wedding day. 

Moments like these also make me realise how important my job is with wedding photography to a certain extent but especially wedding video, The fact that Tyler missed the ceremony but can now rewatch it on video really is something special, I think for most people that have been married I always here how fast it goes and how watching there video brings back the emotions and actually reminds them of so many things they forgot even happened on the day.

Moving forward we took the time to get some photo and video of the Bridal party before just spending some time with the bride and groom. We didn't have a lot of time before the reception started so we made the most of the time that we had. 

As I walked up the stairs to the roof top reception are it reinforced just how magical this place really is the sun was setting as the Bridal party made there entrance it wasn't long befor starting the first band em father daughter dance then flowed into some speeches. 

Brenton & Tasha also brought there own DJ who knew exactly what beats to play to keep the crowd happy and it wasn't long before the dance floor was in full flight with Brenton's side being from Bermuda they really out on a good show and know how to party, It was a party which extended into the resorts club and well into the night.

The following day I mentioned that I would love to get them back in the wedding outfits and do some more footage of just them on the beach and around the hotel as time was some what limited after the ceremony they where more then happy with that and that is a big advantage of spending the week together, we also did some interviews I had a chat with each of them seperately spoke about how they met and the emotions they where feeling leading upto the wedding as well as what is in store for the future. 

I also got to go on some of the adventures Costa Rica has to offer with the group including Horse Riding, Zip Linning and bath in the Hot springs which as you will see in the video was a pretty romantic moment with the rain falling.  

Costa Rica certainly delivered especially Dreams Las Mareas and I am looking to head back and potentially get some more weddings at this amazing venue for either wedding photo or video. 

In the days following we had a marriage proposal from one of the groomsman and plenty of other great moments for me to get footage of.

Coming to the end of the week was hard for us all I think we had become very close, Both families made me feel like I was one of them and it truely was a magical week for me I really hope you have enjoy the story but more so that you feel the emotions of the video.

Rob Bampton