Ecostudio Fellini Wedding Photography & Video Ryan & Lacey

Hi everybody Rob here, right from the moment I met Ryan & Lacey I knew 2 things.. firstly that it was going to be a fun wedding & that we were going to get along well.  Secondly, that these guys are REALLY REALLY in love. It was great to be around, its weddings like this that make me want to spend more time with all of our couples prior to the wedding & build that kind of relationship. I think this is what makes up the best gold coast wedding photographer.

Weather that be coming into the studio or catching up for coffee, generally when I am out on a destination wedding I get to spend even more time then this generally we would have a dinner the night prior with the bridal party as well as friends & family, it really creates a special atmosphere as well as helps everybody to be comfortable with us as part of there group rather then being awkward with us around on such a special & intimate day.

Lacey & her bridesmaids where great fun in the morning whilst getting ready to wrap music, lots of fun and laughter with a little emotion in the air. Fast forwarding to when then girls started to walk down the isle the emotions got lifted again as Ryan saw each one of the girls & then eventually the beautiful bride Lacey, Ryan couldn't hold his emotions in & his tears flowed which were closely followed by some of my own & would almost definitely be me on my own wedding day. I have said this in the past but I really feel that the fact I can feel these emotions gives me a advantage in capturing them & sharing these special moments with you guys. 

The venue for the day was Ecostudio Fellini which is set in the picturesque foothills of Springbrook National Park, naturally providing a picture-perfect backdrop for couples celebrating their special day. This is one of the Gold Coast's most popular wedding venues. One that we are hoping to shoot more at in 2017.

Ryan & Lacey's reception where full of heartfelt speeches its great to see how close a group like this and their families can be. I think the video reflects this and I hope it passes on the same emotions it does for us here at J'adore, I would love to hear your comments.