Fiji Travel Adventure Photo & Video

Recently we headed over to Fiji for a wedding and as usual decided to make the most of it and head over a week early and go on a adventure. My last trip to Costa Rica to shoot a wedding I meet my dad on the way back in Las Angeles, So fittingly this time I invited mum to join us for this trip and his dad also joined in as he lives up in Mackay and hasn't had a chance to get to know Isla so it was a perfect excuse for us to all hang out. 

The love we have for photography is amazing, but the love we have for wedding photography is extraordinary. Snapping unforgettable moments for our couples who share such an powerful bond is immensely fulfilling for the both of us, writing about each & every fairytale completes the story we tell all the more.  We have often been told that we should include some of our personal adventures into our blog so people can also get to know us a little, so we thought we would start by sharing one of our first fairytale adventures, allowing you all to follow our wonderful escapades we as a team get to embark on. 

It wasn't long ago we were getting excited to be heading to such a breathtaking location, for Rob he'd been here once before.. only 8 months prior to this wedding he was in Fiji shooting his first ever destination wedding. His last trip to Costa Rica to shoot a wedding he meet with his dad on the way back in Las Angeles, so fittingly this time he invited his Mum to join us for this trip. Robs dad also joined in, as he lives up in Mackay & hasn't had a chance to get to know me yet so it was a perfect excuse for us to all hang out.

Fiji for me was a first & words couldn't have ever described how excited I was. 

Arriving a week early & staying in a gorgeous Fijian resort called ‘DoubleTree Hilton’ life didn't get much better than this. Or at least we didn't think so, life at this point in time was pretty damn good. We were on our own little island called Sonaisali, in a stunning resort with beautiful service that always came with a smile accompanied by the awe-inspiring views of ocean & little islands scattered along the horizon we truly felt like we were in paradise. Life was bliss. 

But, as you could image.. it did get better. Spending quality time with loved ones in a tropical paradise the bar kept rising with each day that past us by. Quality time is something of great value to us & our team. Enjoying every moment, embracing every experience we were truly in a place of pure happiness. 

On our first official Fiji adventure we planned a more cultural experience, going on a day trip to the Suva River. Arriving in the small town we were greeted by friendly Fijian men and few other tourists from various hotels around the mainland. Putting our life jackets on we got ready to head onto the boats they had waiting for us. Travelling down the river was a unique experience in itself, the landscape surrounding us was just beautiful, big hills & cliffs covered in greenery of all shades accompanied by the occasional waterfall this was definitely a treat for two passionate photographers. 

As we were travelling down the river we saw a few cows & horses, weirdly enough this didn't suit the landscape we were surrounded in.. or at least not where we were used to seeing these kinds of animals back at home anyway. This made it all the more interesting, here we were expecting king kong to come swinging around the corner, it looked near identical. 

Travelling up the river we can to a stop, going for a short walk along a small stream we can to a stupendous waterfall, with water gushing down into a pool down the bottom it was quite the sight. It wasn't long before someone was in the water enjoying the wonders of nature, as one went near everyone went. I of course couldn't have passed this opportunity up, so in we went. The water was soothingly refreshing & i loved every minute of it. 

After a short while it was time to go, before everyone started heading back we quickly ran off to get some long exposure shots before people started walking back.. although we didn't have long we got at least one good shot in there. A memory that would last us a lifetime. 

Heading back down the river we stopped off at a little village, walking up the steps and into an undercover area they showed us how they traditionally cook their meat. Something I had definitely never seen before, this was the lunch they were preparing for us and it smelt amazing! 

Coming into a bigger room we all sat down for a traditional Cava ceremony, men sitting at the front and women not far behind. Lucky Rob was selected to be the chief of the village for the day and received the first serve of cava. I hadn't tried this before & neither had Rob so we weren't exactly sure what to expect… being the root of a plant that had been dried out over many days..crushed & then mixed with water to make a drink we were curios as to why this was something the Fijian people enjoyed doing.. & even after our time there the only reasoning we came up with was that they enjoyed it, and strangely enough we did too. The plant itself had a slight numbing effect on the mouth, nothing too drastic but it was quite the unique experience. I think all up we went back for seconds maybe 2 or 3 times, just because we enjoyed it so much. 

Shortly after the Cava Ceremony we had some lunch that was prepared by the women of the village, traditional Fijian food. And my goodness it was delicious! Again, going back for seconds it was just too good not to! After lunch we all enjoyed a sing & a dance with the village people dancing around the room having a blast. 

It wasn't long after this Rob had Mavic up flying high viewing the village from a birds eye view, and it looked AMAZING. Travelling back up the river the footage was brilliant. 

Coming back up the river was a beautiful experience just soaking up the wondrous scenery all around, in that moment we felt very blessed to be on such a wonderful journey together.

Following this amazing journey we the next day decided to go horse riding along the island beach front, for us all we had ridden horses before so walking along was fun.. but not as fun as cantering along the beach side by side. Before long we were doing just this, in the beautiful afternoon sunset riding horses is yet another great experience & memory we will forever cherish. That night we were treated to some very talented fire twirlers and Fijian dancers whom might i just add put on a spectacular show! Fiji just kept getting better and better by the day. 

Our second Fiji adventure was no less extravagant, traveling to a gorgeous little island amongst the hundreds of them we had the privilege of going snorkelling alongside fish that were swarming around us like bee’s to a honey pot. Diving beneath the water to see all of the corral it was like nothing I had yet experienced. Meeting one of our team Jess there this made it all the more fun, soaking up the sun, sand and crystal clear water it was a great way to kick off our second week in Fiji. 

Before long it was time to meet up with the couple Damien & Anna, but ill leave that story for you to continue on their blog.. :)


Thank you for taking the time to read and I cant wait to write about our next adventure! 


Until next time, 



Isla Burkitt