GabbinBar Homestead Wedding Video - Perry + Cherie

Not many people out there can say they are excited to work on NYE, but for the year of 2018.. we couldn’t have been more pumped for the day/night ahead!!

Getting to shoot at an amazing venue, Gabbinbar Homestead, with an even more awesome couple it was going to be a day and night never to be forgotten.

Arriving at the boys in the morning they were all having a laugh, which we love to see! So relaxed they ever took a stroll down the street in their underwear! Cant say we see that every day lol.

Anyways, back to the story!

Moving along to the bride prep we drove all of 1 minute up the road to GabbinBar Homestead where Cherie and her bridal party were getting ready. With all of her details ready to go we got straight into the swing of things. it was safe to say it was a very busy household but everyone had their own job to do, and today ours was make some magic.

Having her dress designed by Darb Bridal Couture, I must say Cherie did look stunning. With all of the little details that made this dress so unique, from the bow on the front down to the feather like detail at the bottom, Cherie wore it beautifully.

As the morning progressed quite quickly, as they always do, it was time to head down to the ceremony and get set up ready for Cheries grand entrance. The ceremony was nothing short of heartfelt words & tear jerking moments. These two were destined to be together & anyone there could have seen that.

Moving along into the video section of the day, we had so much fun exploring this amazing wedding venue. It was breath taking and if I say so my self, probably my favourite. The staff were AMAZING, the venue was gorgeous & in combination with Perry & Cherie’s wedding it was spectacular.

Its the type of venue a wedding photographer and wedding videographer dream about!

Before we knew it, the sun was slowly starting to dwindle away and the lights all over the property started to turn on. The festivities continued on through they night with a few great surprises. The first dance was awesome! Getting their bridal party involved was even better, you could tell the guests were just loving it.

But the surprises weren’t over just yet.. little did everyone know Perry & Cherie had one more trick up their sleeves. Towards the end of the night, everyone was directed outside. As midnight was approaching the final surprise started to reveal itself. As midnight arrived, the night sky lit up with so many gorgeous colours and lights. It truly was THE best way to end a wedding and to start a new year.

We love this video as much as we loved making it, we hope you do to!

Wishing Perry & Cherie all the very best, we thank-you for letting J’adore Weddings be apart of your special day.

Lots of love,

Isla + Rob