Gold Creek Chapel & Rydges Canberra, Nick & Narisa Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography

We had met Nick & Narisa for their rehearsal located at the lovely Gold Creek Chapel, we always love having the chance to go to the rehearsal, it provided us the opportunity to really get to know the couple better, whilst also getting a feel for the attendance on the day. Getting to know our couples & creating a healthy bond is something we here at J’adore treasure greatly. So that by the time we arrive at their big day, its as though we were already on the invite list, creating a much more comfortable environment. Especially for those who may be little shyer in front of the camera we feel as though this creates a comfortability we stride ourselves in achieving. 

With Nick having a Croatian background & wanting to incorporate this into the wedding we knew it was going to be a big party filled with celebrations, love & family.

The bride alongside her family & bride’s maid’s all got ready together in a beautiful room located at Rydges Capital Hill. As the reception was just down stairs everyone was getting quite comfortable.

The bride wore a stunning ball grown dress & her bride’s maid’s in pink to add a splash of colour. Narisa had decided to make the revealing of her gown a surprise, even to her bride’s maids. All but one, her maid of honour who helped her into the dress then returning to the lounge room to reveal this gorgeous gown to the rest of the girls, at this moment we began to get straight into it, getting some gorgeous shots of the big reveal.

The groom & his groom's men looking very dashing in their suits with pops of pink in the ties to match the girls. The boys all helping Nick into his suit with mum wiping a way a tear as she looked her handsome son getting ready to go marry the love of his life. Everyone quick to grab the tissues & the Rakia to start the celebration of this amazing love story.

Having Narisa's Dad come in from outside so we could get some cheeky first look shots as Narissa walked out of the elevator & into the arms of Dad. Whom gave her a big hug & a kiss, carefully assisting her down the stairs & into the awaiting vintage classic cars outside. 

As the rumble of all the cars set to take them to the chapel the emotion started to set in, a few big breaths & some even bigger smiles they set off to Gold Creek Chapel to meet the boys & start the first day of the rest of there lives and Mr & Mrs.

After the ceremony, the bells rung out in song after the couple walked out the chapel & down the stairs we did some group photos & of family. Instantly whisking the newly wed couple & their bridal parties to the nearby Lennox Gardens where we got to incorporate some of there Chinese background into some amazing photos and video, within groves of Ivy and beautiful Chinese gateway & stunning lakeside views. 

As we headed back to Rydges Capital Hill for entrance we quickly popped inside to get some lovely set up shots of the venues stunning layout. As they entered in to the sounds of wolf whistle and loud applause of there friends & family it was finally time for them to rest, relax and take in what this lovely venue had to offer.

Quoted from their website – ‘The tranquil and inviting atmosphere offered by our Canberra wedding venues provides the ideal setting for your intimate and romantic wedding reception.

The grand entrance at Rydges Capital Hill Canberra is alive with gorgeous auburn foliage in the autumn and vibrant cherry blossoms in the spring.  The enchanting beauty flows across the foyer and expands into the mesmerising atrium, an ideal wedding venue in Canberra for your special ceremony or cocktail reception.'

We believe this to be very true, the team here at J’adore love every chance we get to work with gorgeous venue such as this.

With there cake being a croquembouche, along with the Rakia being shared around the room, with dancing & singing accompanied by some hilarious speeches spoken by the fathers of the bride & groom. Every now & again the Dj putting traditional Croatian Music on & everyone jumping up with joy to do the Kolo there big night went off, you could see the pure & utter enjoyment everyone was having celebrating this tremendous day of two becoming one.

By Jessica McGuiness