Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding & Engagement Videography - Michael & Ellie 

On Saturday March 11,  myself & one of our dedicated teams here at J'adore attended Michael & Ellie's wedding held at Intercontinental - Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast. 

A week prior to the wedding we had meet with Michael & Ellie to shoot their engagement video, which we thought we absolutely nailed!. We really do love any opportunity we get to create a solid foundation between our team & our couples. Creating this bond means not only creating that comfortability but also a sense of trust, ensuring to the couple that we have their best interests at heart. Relationship building is something we value greatly here at J'adore Weddings

My assistant Isla taking some BTS snapshots of the magic in action will give you all a little sneak peak of what is to come in the video below. 

Getting to the Intercontinental quite early we decided to take my newest edition to the J'adore family of fun toys to the sky. Flying it over sanctuary cove the view was stunning, capturing something an ordinary camera could never have the capabilities of seeing. It's safe to say I was a very happy man, I was in absolute ore of what this thing could really do & what it could further help us accomplish. Throughout the day the mavic enabled us to capture some amazing moments, adding to the value we here at J'adore can provide for our clientele. 

The Intercontinental is by far one of our favourite all in one wedding venues, thus being because its picturesque setting never fail to disappoint. Among the amazingly dedicated wedding events team here at Intercontinental you can rest assured knowing your day will go as planned. Working at this venue quite often we have developed long lasting relationships with the co-ordinator and staff members and cannot wait for our next wedding at the Intercon.

Making our way over to the boys who were anxiously getting themselves ready for the big day we got started instantly. Working from the Inspo video provided from Michael & Ellie we worked of exactly what they were after. Having previously meet multiple times prior to the wedding by the time it came wedding day both Michael & Ellie were very comfortable with us being around, whilst keeping in mind what they were after there were often times they would ask for our advice to capture the best possible shot. We love helping our couples achieve their ideal vision, whilst still being able to provide our expertise this combination of inspiration & experience worked in perfectly. 

Shortly after finishing up with the boys we made our way to the opposite side of the building to see our gorgeous bride Elle & her bridal party. With wide open spaces, stunning floor to ceiling windows we were excited to get right into it! Looking gorgeous as ever we started getting some Footage of the bride getting ready. Capturing all of those fun, intricate moments of the brides morning as she prepared for the most important day of her life. 

Before we knew it, it was time to head down to the chapel. 

Arriving moments later we set up our gear and patiently awaited the big moment. As Ellie arrived you could see the emotions really starting to pour out, looking absolutely stunning as she made her way down the isle accompanied by her father. You could just tell how in ore everyone was of Ellie's beautiful glow that day. 

The ceremony coming to an end family & friends made their way over to reception whilst we got ready to create some more magic. Heading over to sanctuary cove golf course we got some stunning shots of both bridal parties sharing the wedding joy. 

Heading into the pine tree Forrest I was provided another opportunity to get my favourite new toy out, getting some amazIng footage I already couldn't wait to get started on the creation of Michael & Ellie's wedding video. 

Concluding this we made our way back to the reception to begin the rest of the night inclusive of brilliant food, love, happiness & laughter as the speeches took of. 

When it came time for the first dance we were excited to hear it was the track from Ben & Kylie's wedding bringing back many fond memories. Watching these two on the dance floor you could really feel the love they shared for one another. Such a strong bond of bride & groom transformed into husband & wife, what a powerful experience to have the pleasure to be apart of.

Capturing some footage of the wild moves on the dance floor this near concluded our time with Michael & Ellie, finishing this perfect day with some sparkler action the gorgeous couple couldn't have been any happier. 

Saying our goodbyes we left them to enjoy the rest of their night. Please do feel free to share any comments of the wedding video we would love to hear. 

Wishing these two love birds nothing but pure happiness, joy and a life filled with overflowing love. From all of us here at J'adore, congratulations. 



Rob Bampton