Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photo & Video - Robert + Sue

Wedding at The Intercontinental are always nothing short of spectacular. That chapel is so iconic just about everyone in the industry knows about it.

Meeting with Robert & Sue not too long before the wedding was a great chance to catch up before the big day, go over any details & make sure we had everything all ready to go.

Arriving at the Intercontinental on this special day as per usual we were greeted by David, the best wedding planner ever! His attention to detail is second to none, his organisation is always on top of its game & such a friendly face we love to see every time.

Robert & the guests started arriving as the time drew closer for Sue to be making her grand entrance. With her sister as her maid of honour & her brother walking her down the aisle, it was a very special experience for all involved. As Sue got closer to the end of the aisle Roberts face lit up more & more. Until it was one massive smile nothing in this world could wipe off his face.

The ceremony conducted by Tarnya Bennet from I do For You ceremonies was lovely, Delivered beautifully! It’s always a pleasure working alongside such wonderful industry professionals.

After the ceremony, we moved onto the big group shot which I did from the roof of the chapel, from then moving into family photos & straight into the wedding photos section. Wedding photography is such a beautiful thing, but being able to combine wedding photography & wedding videography is ideal.

The Intercontinental has such beautiful ground to take images, we find new spots every time we shoot there. Of course, we always have our favourites, in saying this exploring is a great way to find new favourites.

Moving along into the rest of the evening all of the guests had a lovely surprise as Sue had organised a special performance by a lovely lady from the Bellydance Academy. She entered with a bang & left everyone with big smiles, awesome new dance moves & some great images! might i just add the styling was mind blowingly beautiful! Style on Q had done an amazing job!

As the rest of the night continued we had some lovely speeches, cultural dancing & fantastic memories made for all family & friends who attended.

We thank both Robert & Sue for choosing J’adore to be apart of their special day. We wish you both all the very best.

Isla & Rob