Lakelands Golf Course Wedding Photo & Video - Jordan + Andrijana

What feels like only yesterday we did an engagement photoshoot for Jordan & Andrijana & now we have arrived at their wedding. Time fly's so quickly!! Although I'm sure for Andrijana it would have felt like an eternity.. 

Arriving at the boys in the Q1, we had a beautiful apartment full of space to shoot the boys getting ready. Jordan busting out with personality and funny poses you could tell he was rearing to go! & who wouldn't be, his gorgeous bride was in the getting ready process herself at their family home not to far away. 

Making our way to Andrijana the weather was beautiful, arriving on time we could see & hear which house was hers, maps were no longer needed! With the family outside singing the traditional Croatian music we made our way inside to find our gorgeous bride Andrijana. 

Jumping straight into the getting ready process we shoot the accessories and soon moving onto Andrijana getting into her stunning dress. With her sister and best friend helping in the process I cant help but think to myself how much these moments are treasured & I am so thankful to have been apart of so many special memories for these two. 

After the getting ready was complete we stuck around for some family images before we began our journey to LakeLands Golf Course for the ceremony. Andrijana arriving not long after we got there we quickly set up all of our gear ready for her to start the walk down the isle. 

The ceremony was beautiful, with some many smiles I don't think I saw Andrijana stop smiling the entire ceremony. Although we had a slight little bit of rain it didn't change a thing, especially not the smile on everyones faces. The celebrant Robert Moore did a great job!

After ceremony concluded we smashed through some family images & then went straight into the photos section. Luckily we had an AMAZING sunset which made for some gorgeous wedding images & stunning wedding video footage. 

The reception was filled with so much love for these two, and overflowing with the love they both had for each other. The amazing cake designed and made by Evie May Cake Designs

We thank both Jordan & Andrijana for having the J'adore team be apart of their special day, we love what we do & makes us so very happy that we can share our passion & turn it into lifelong memories.