Marriott Surfers Paradise Wedding Photo + Video - Andrew + Michelle

Starting the day with the lovely gentlemen at the Marriott, James and I got straight into it. They all seemed quite calm, collected, had it all together. So as per normal, we started with the accessories, getting all of the detail shots.

We find focusing on things like this before getting started with taking images of the groom or bride helps ease our presence into the room as when we arrive, it all becomes real and the momentum of the day starts to kick in.

From here we followed our normal process of capturing all of the bits and pieces that come along with a groom preparation. Before long it was time to head up to Michelle who was staying a few floors above. Again, they were all very calm, especially our beautiful bride to be Michelle.

Michelle was I would have to say one of the more relaxed brides we have had, so easy going and relaxed. Cruising along through this stage of the day we could see the ceremony from the room, peaking over the balcony it started to become more real for Michelle as well. People have started arriving by this stage, filling the seats down by the pool area which might we just add looked amazing. Michelle’s hair and makeup was done by Lovestey Makeup & Hair, and her stunning wedding dress by The Bridal Company.

As the time drew closer, we started to finish up with some final bridal portraits by the window before heading down to get set up for the ceremony.

Celebrant Helen Coghlan, from Simply Magic Ceremonies had started getting everyone to start taking their seats in preparation for our lovely bride to be, Michelle. As the moments were passing, I could visibly see Andy getting more and more nervous. It wasn't long now! As Michelle started to walk around the corner, the look on Andys face was one of pure love. You could really see and feel just how much they both meant to one another. This part of the day has to be my favourite, seeing the reaction from the bride and groom as they see each other for the first time is truly something so special to bear witness too.

The ceremony was beautiful, as was the love they both shared.

After the ceremony had concluded, they had all of their congratulations while we get prepared for the wedding photo’s section. This wedding, in particular, we didn't have much time, we had about 30 minutes to jam in as much magic as possible.

And again, before we knew it we were moving onto the next stage of the day, the reception. The reception was being held outside by the pool, and on such a beautiful evening, why not?!

The night continued on with dancing, laughter and love as Andy and Michelle enjoyed their first evening together as husband and wife.

We thank both Andrew and Michelle for allowing us the pleasure of capturing something so special to them, we wish you both all the very best on your new journey together.

Lots of love

J’adore Weddings x