Newcastle Wedding Videography - Silah & Sarah

The J’adore team was about to began their journey, and I woke up to the 12 hour journey to Newcastle ahead of me.  The twelve-hour journey consisted of excitement for the next few days looming ahead as we made it just in time, to go to Sarah and Silah's rehearsal. 

Keeping up with tradition, Silah and Sarah were getting ready at separate venues. 

While Jess and Dwayne drove the challenging 1 hour away to 


Groom, quest in newcastle


It was the most significant day for Sarah and Silah. Not only had their wedding day come but also it shared another memory with the birth of her eldest child. 

As the years progress, it's becoming more apparent that trips to the cemetery to see lost friends/family are becoming more popular.  This was no different for Silah, as sadly his father was unable to be there on an important event. Still Sarah and Silah, ventured to the memorial site sending their love with friends and family before setting out to the reception held on the marina in NewCastle. 

Sarah and Silah were more than a pleasure to work with. Their up beat personalities made my day as all I wanted to do was continue to shoot their precious moments together.