Parkwood Village Wedding Photo & Video - Aidan + Nesz

Co-ordinating every last detail with Nesz before the big day we got to know her quirky & happy personality instantly. She’s like a little ball of happiness! We knew we were going to have such a fun day being apart of so many special moments for both Aidan & Nesz.

As the big day drew closer, that ball of happiness got bigger & bigger! & then before we knew it, it was here. For Aidan & Nesz we had a 6-hour photo & video combo & were able to fit in most of the day. Including the bride & groom prep, ceremony, photos section & part of the reception. Even though I'm sure through the night there would have been some awesome moves on the dance-floor!

Starting with Aidan & his groomsmen, he just like every other groom known to man was nervous. It is very rarely if ever that we get a groom that's super calm, surprisingly enough it's always more-so our brides that stay cool calm & collected. SHOCKING I KNOW!

We pride ourselves in making this day as stress-free, easy & enjoyable as possible, wedding days don’t always go to plan.. but when you have the right attitude nothing can shake the feeling of just marrying the love of your life.

Moving onto the ceremony we were located at Parkwood Village, which at this time of year as you can see in the image & video below the flower-filled walkway is just STUNNING! Combine that with a great couple & you’ve created magic! Even without the flowers, it's still simply beautiful, that touch of white softness just gave the images that little bit of extra WOW.

Moving onto the photo & video section of the day we had quite a bit of time up our sleeves, so we went to 3 close locations on the golf course. The scenery was gorgeous & the weather was definitely on our side. Throughout this section, Nesz still remained that happy ball of love that we all love so very much.

As the sun was setting, it became clear that it was probably time to head back to get this party started! It just all goes so quick, even though we had time we could have spent hours more taking beautiful wedding images of these two love birds!

As the night went on Nesz had a little something planned, only very few knew what was about to happen. After months of preparation.. it was finally show time! Aidan had a front row seat, whilst everyone in the background waiting anxiously to see what was about to happen.

Nesz & some of her closet friends strutting their stuff, came out onto the dance-floor and started a dance routine. All for Aiden, what a lucky man! The girls did a great job at performing, everyone cheered them on like crazy!

The night continued on with the normal formalities as it was nearly time for us to go, saying our goodbyes wishing the newly weds nothing but the ver best we packed our gear and off we went.

Being a Parkwood Village wedding photographer was a great experience & we cant wait for the next one.