Petrel Beach Adelaide Wedding Photo & Video, Wedding Reception Blues Restaurant Beach Huts - Alexander & Asta

Venturing away from home this was a journey we will never forget. Arriving in Adelaide personally for myself this was the first time, we drove through the city and straight to our destination. Alexander & Asta originally coming from Adelaide they had the perfect spot in mind. When we first went to check out the ceremony location a day before the wedding we were blown away. Such a beautiful, secluded location with nothing but serenity & the beauty of nature. Its safe to say we were SUPER excited about how these wedding images & video was going to come out. 

As the day came about, it was a little overcast which for us is perfect. It doesn't get any better with an early ceremony then to have overcast sky's above as i am sure you have heard every photographer say. 

Arriving at Blues Beach Shacks to meet both the groom & the bride it was such a cute little venue. With beautiful little beach shacks all different colours it had so much character. Great little all in one venue, accomodation for the family, ceremony spot & also great little area for reception not to mention a tennis court to keep the kiddies busy. 

We started first with the boys, and as per usual we keep this nice & quick so we have enough time to spend with our gorgeous bride, and in this case Asta looked 20/10. Absolutely gorgeous! With a dress she picked on her own designed by  Caleche- 43 & her hair done by The Style Bar you just couldn't fault it. Having done Kaden & Amy's wedding around this time last year, Kaden being Asta's brother it was so good to see them again.

Before long it was time for us to head off to the ceremony where Alexander patiently awaited his gorgeous bride to be. Arriving at the location the weather had remained the same, which yet again we were very pleased with. After setting up in preparation for Asta's arrival it was now time.  Arriving in an ever so stylish Kombi was the perfect arrival for a beautiful place like this. 

The ceremony was beautiful, filled with words of wisdom & love it wasn't long before Alexander & Asta became Husband & Wife. It was now time for our favourite part of the day, the photos section! 

With such an awesome location we were super excited as is & the images below speak for themselves as to how amazing this place truly was. 

As the day moved along quickly as it always does it was time to head back to reception and let the festivities continue & the celebrated with family & friends this wonderful day. 


We thank both Alexander & Asta for having us be apart of such a special day, allowing us to capture the most important part of their relationship together. We wish you both all the happiness in the world & nothing less. :) 



Written By

Isla Burkitt