J'adore Introduces Photo booth, Low Lying Fog Machine & PA System Hire!

Hello Everybody,

Rob here I am excited to announce the 3 new additions to our team and here is the information on why we did, what they do and how they work: I have been doing wedding photo and video now for over 8 years and have been part of over 200 weddings. As Isla and I start to discuss what we would like at our wedding we came to the realise 3 things.

Firstly that a photo booth is essential. There is just something about a photo booth that brings out the fun in people and as a photographer it’s something I have tried to recreate myself but its just not the same. People almost feel more comfortable getting crazy in front of a camera without a person on the other side judging their craziness. Not that we ever do we love it! But no everyone knows that.

We have found ourself lately adding pages to client wedding albums images from there Photo Booth. It really is the best way to get as many images with as many different combinations as you can, plus chuck in some cool props and your well on your way. After seeing many many different options, we have decided to go with the walk-in studio style open photo booth for a few reasons. I feel like it creates a fun vibe around the Photo Booth area, you are not restricted with numbers a lot of the enclosed booths you can fit 2 comfortably but 3/4 is a stretch. With the open booth, we can fit 10 in comfortably and with our customised booth you will receive studio quality images as don't forget we are photographers!

I often look at Photo Booth images and think the lighting is wrong or the quality is low, with an open photo booth it also gives you the option to customize backgrounds, the options really are limitless. We have 10 backgrounds so something for everybody, We offer two sizes; 6x4" postcard or 6x2" strips, we also have the ability to create customised Photo templates to suit your theme as well as the option to incorporate a message or logo. It all just made so much sense, we are already at your wedding reception why not have something like a wedding Photo Booth as an add-on?

Contact us for more information and let's get it locked in!!

Okay so next up we have the low lying fog machine, and again it was a must-have for us as it doesn't matter if you can dance or not, this will make your first dance images look amazing. I absolutely love it when our clients tell me that they have either a dry ice or low lying fog machine as I know that it will bring some major X-factor to your wedding photo and video. 

After seeing many different options and machines we decided to go with the latest technology in this field, and that is a low lying fog machine. Years ago all the fog options were just not good enough and didn't stay low enough and just made the dance floor one big haze. With the latest technology upgrades, they have just got it perfect now. In with the upgrades & out with the dangers!

Our Low lying Fog effect will create a layer of fog to flow across the entire dance floor and surround the both of you, resembling a beautiful cloud. The cloud will stay low to the ground and eventually evaporate, leaving NO residue or smell. The cloud will not trigger smoke detectors, unlike other fog machines. Contact us now to book us in for your wedding.

Finally a great PA System is absolutely essential to your ceremony its amazing how many clients have been let down by this so there are a few factors quality wireless mics and having a strong signal, Nobody wants interference during there wedding ceremony which you will get with a-lot of PA Systems which dont have a dual channel wireless microphone receiver, Next is sound we also have had experiences where the speaker just wasnt loud enough so that everybody could hear we have a 80W RMS output power and is an excellent choice for addressing large crowds up to 200 people. Our PA system is also wireless and lasts for upto 6 hours!! Finally and from our point of view most importantly there is a output which means we can record your ceremony audio straight from the microphone which is a massive bonus for your wedding video and a must have so many celebrants say I think there is a output then I arrive at the ceremony and there is a input to play music or a headphone jack but not a output… We solve all these issues included in the Wedding PA System Pack is the stand PA System 2 Wireless microphones and a cord to play your ceremony music and at just $100 its a must to add on.

So there is a wrap of our 3 essential items for every wedding and they will definitely be at our wedding. Please let us know if you have any questions!!